Would you wear your costume out?

Haven't done discussion entries like this in a while but this is pretty interesting. So recently, I was craving for some cool bubble tea and decided to pop into the nearest store to get my craving fixed. What greeted me as soon as I stepped in was this….







Spotted wallie xD?

Which reminded me of this picture a friend sent me ages ago.


 Gakupoid much ?

And she couldn't stop expressing her disbelief while filling me with details of how everyone was gawking at the girl.

So opens the question, would you wear your costumes (wigs, clothes, boots etcs) out for NON cosplay purpose? Has anyone tried it before? How did it felt? What made you feel like wearing it out?

Personally, I haven't done it much. Except for maybe, wearing a casual portion of the costume before or after the photo shoot/event. But I usually do that for convenience sake. It would be really cool if your costume had certain parts in them that would look blend in as a fashion accessory.

But personally, I haven't come across any costume that would escape looking awkward in the crowds of normal humans except for maybe NaNa. So, unless you can really work the outfit, I don't recommend wearing your costumes out for normal usage. Not so much of a '” it’s spoiling the character!” reason but because... it is usually a fashion disaster =/

But that's just me. How do you feel? Hmm... okay, on second thoughts... I think I might have been guilty of this act too.


My most notable achievement was going out in my almost full Kinomoto Sakura movie 2 costume to catch a bus to some event. Can't remember what event that was.

23aug08_-_Haruhi_X_Oofuri 071 Shana Xmas (30)

Went home in this 2 uniforms before because I was too lazy to change out.

Skip beat (56)

And going home after AFA 2009 with my hot pink jumper because I couldn't bear to change out >w<. It's like parting with a friend. And yes, I went for dinner in that disgusting hot pink.

Which begs the 2nd question, do you ever feel like you want to continue wearing your costumes even after the event ends? I always feel like this whenever I'm late turning up for events xD I think its because I don’t want the dream and fun to end and I haven’t had enough fun!

panel management

What do you guys think? Do you think wearing a part of your costume out for non-cosplay reason is commendable? Or do you disagree with that?  Leave a comment and tell me please D: !

Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to put the above 2 ladies down. Neither am I implying it is wrong to wear your costume out, because what you wear is your own style. I’m not about to teach people what to wear BUT, personally, I wouldn’t want to wear my costumes out. Because they usually stick out TOO MUCH and I like keeping a low profile. And also because I have many nice clothes to wear so yeah =P


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saku said…
Worn my costume out on 2 occasions. Cuz friend was saying, let's go out in costume and have a lil bit of catching up.

Now that I think about it, I am kinda embarrassed of doing that. I dunno. IMO, cosplay seems "cool" and "spreading the love of cosplay" in the past, when it wasn't so popularized. Now, it just seems "attention seeking". =x (perhaps spoiled by some black sheep? idk)

I used to wear costume to event. Now, seldom. Wear nice nice, go out, chase bus+chase mrt+run to event= hot, sweaty, wig in a mess, makeup melted. Nay. I'll just go early and change. But when going home, I can understand how one doesn't want to change out. It depends.
Jac said…
I partially wear my costumes whenever possible for easier transport XD
Envy said…
If ever I had to wear my costume out, it's to take a cab to event/shoot location because I'm very late XD;;
polence said…
In the Philippines, it's ok to wear funky or emo jpop/jrock -ish clothes, as long as you can handle some people looking at you. Here in the US, anything goes, as long as you're not wearing anything you can be called for indecent exposure.

Honestly, I'm the kind that wears bold clothes, as long as it's nothing too obscure.^_^ Usually I go Kuragehime Tsukimi fashion, usually overalls or really old and faded clothes long sleeve shirts and straight cut old jeans.
Ay "Ike' Jay said…
I'm totally against it.. I mean wearing costumes without a reason in public.

What's the point of cosplaying when you have no one to appreciate it?

hey, you don't want some random people coming up at you and smear ice cream on it just to see you get pissed off and such)

Well, true that it is meant to be fun, but sometimes, some costume attracts too much attention and it might bring danger to yourself.
You might get mugged or harassed for being too bold in the crowd.

But it'll be entirely fine if you're wearing part of it. It'll be fine just as long the attire is able to blend in with fashion and people love fashion.

and oh, one more thing... as long the costume won't be too hazardous to both parties (you yourself (not causing you to be uncomfortable wearing it and the public-> too much skin revealing etx etc.
Anonymous said…
I am indifferent about wearing costumes in public. Aside from partial costumes when going on a shoot or just coming back from and event.

I find it really embarrassing to wear something out of the norm, unless of course your trying to stand out.

Aside from that, I don't want my costume to be ruined. So I rather wear cosplay on special occations.
i wear my cosplay out for special events such as a dance but if im a having a bad hair day a wig comes in handy
Laurie said…
I think I only wore a full costume out once during my senior year in high school. I was walking around in my future University wearing Kamatar's Kimono(Rurouni Kenshin)around the oval. I just came back from an outdoor shoot and I was looking for a place to change out. It was kind of weird because people don't usually go walking in Kimono's in an oval track...and I even felt some people take pictures of me.

But if you'd ask me if I'll do it again for just wearing the costume out? Most likely not. Not because I am embarrassed but I think I always have to do things with reason. I don't want somebody coming up to me asking me why and I have no answer but "I just wanted to..."

I do use some cosplay items like lenses, pleated skirts, footwear, accessories ,as for wigs I haven't tried that out yet, with my wardrobe and still keep me looking low profile. I also dress prepared for anything since fancy dinners with my friends or my mom's friends might happen I dress always a bit more formal too.

I am interested in purchasing natural wigs so as to try hairstyles but most likely when I am out and not on my trip to school.
DcastEye said…
I live in Sweden, so I don't know if it that much different. But I've gone out in my costumes a couple of times. All the times I've gone to an event I have always worn my cosplays as it takes less place in my trunk, And I don't care if people glare or stare at me, I just don't mind. But it is really fun when little kids come up to you and ask if you are from Naruto, One Piece etc. Those makes my day. :D

I try to use my cosplay pieces in my everyday wear, specially my Ranka Lee-dress as I love it and it makes a great summerdress. But some just doesn't work.
Jessie said…
I guess I wouldn't mind wearing my costume out, but only under certain circumstances.

I wouldn't mind wearing cosplay in situations such as, maybe, to a public event that INVOLVED cosplaying (like a photoshoot or meetup, so I'm not alone), and even then, I'd only wear it, if it looked casual enough to pull off as street fashion.

I'm very closeted about my anime fandom, much less cosplay. It's not something I prefer to really put out there. /shrug

As for wearing parts of your cosplay out, it's basically the same opinion.

I wouldn't wear a wig that didn't look natural on my head. Nor would I wear a brightly colored skirt or latex bodysuit. But normal parts of a cosplay, like a white button up shirt, or maybe slacks or something, those are fine. ^^

Though in all honestly, I've very much against it. Especially if the costume stands out. Though I won't hound you if you don't agree and do it anyways. To each their own opinion! C:
Sour cheese said…
Dun really think so unless I consider the times I wore full costume out to halloween. :D

I personally think those ppl who wear costumes out during non-events are a bit attention seeking and super otaku-ish. ^_^;
reallyjazz said…
I once wore my Miku costume to the mall because it was much closer than the Hotel after an anime con. i had so much fun. but pple did stare and ask me lots of random questions.

But i think it depends on the costume, i wouldnt wear lets say my rikku cosplay out and about on a normal day but i would wear my Mello cosplay because it could easily be called a normal outfit.
Riko said…
For me it depends on wat occasion and the place...

If it's during events and I dun wanna carry so many bags, I dun mind wearing my full costume or parts of the costume after the event is over (e.g: for dinner)

If it's on normal days, nope. I dun see any reason for me to wear them on normal days juz for the sake of it...

If it's for special occasions, then I might but that oso depends on the occasion and the location...I wore 2 of my cosplay costumes to 2 weddings but that oso I wore parts of the costumes and not the full costume itself...
Asakura Haruto said…
I've only did that twice, and of it was because I was in a hurry and didn't have time to change.
Obviously, to see a girl walking in a baby Blue dress with a tail and blue hair or with a maid costume draws a lot of attention, but I had fun laughing at the "WTF faces" of the people XD!!
But if I don't like wearing costumes out, is just that it doesn't make sense if you don't have an specific purpose.
By the other hand, I sometimes use some small accesories from my costumes and sometimes my wigs, because lately I've been into Lolita Fashion too :3
ciαnnα said…
I personally wouldn't wear a full costume out in public, just because people find it very strange here in Canada.

I've worn my black wig out in public before, but people thought it was my natural hair so they probably didn't even notice. But I tend to feel really...strange when I see cosplayers out in public when there are no events going on. I feel like they just want attention. D: So it gives us cosplayers a bad name!
I have no problem with people wearing costumes out, so long as the weather permits or they don't mind it getting a little dirty. I only have one real costume, so it doesn't really apply for me. ^_^;

I don't know if this counts, but on Halloween I wore my Princess Peach costume all day, even afterward when we went out to eat at a Burmese restaurant. I wore it all day when my uni was having a cartoon character day for spirit week. Even in high school I wore it all day once even after the school even I was wearing it for was over.

I once wore a prom dress in a gas station. Not sure that counts.
Ayumi said…
Everytime I go to a convention I go fully dressed in my cosplay outfit ^^' (I always go by car so it's ok) but I don't like to leave my stuff in a vestiaire and usually there is no place to change at my cons, and if there is I never found them :/
Otherwise, Once I was obliged to go to the IKEA in my cosplay because my friends needed some stuff there after the con(I was Hatsune miku in stich kigurumi and rhinestones on my face)
People where looking really funny at me but I made 3 little kids that where crying smile so I was really happy ^^
Otherwise, when I go out in sweet lolita, or in Yukata people stare at me with strange looks (but I dt care because I like my clothes and I have the right to wear what I want and it doesn't bother anyone anyway ^^ !)
And kids always like it when they see me ;D !!! (seeing their happy faces makes my day a lot brighter)
cosplay said…
Nice blog post, thanks for sharing this. We are also the Japan based cosplay costume manufacturers.
avlaske said…
After reading all of the above comments, I feel that it's a little unfair. So because you wear cosplay out for fun, you're seeking attention? I personally like wearing my cosplay outfit, whether there is a real event or not. What's the point of making it or buying it if you're only going to use it about once a year? It's fun to be someone else once in a while and there is nothing wrong with acting a little goofy and out of the norm. If people like to stare, let them stare. It's not as though we mock their hobbies and what they like to do during their free time, so they shouldn't mock us. If they do, they're just close-minded. Cosplaying is fun, and it's something I embrace.
Sanna said…
Totally ok for a fancy dinner if you and several other friends dressed similarly (i.e. Versailles jrock band) Wearing such dramatic clothes as a group would attract attention, but hey everyone likes their picture taken and autograph requests, Right?
Payne said…
Everyday I go out, no matter where i go, I wear something of cosplay, Today i have on a Black Hatsune Miku wig. Yesterday I wore Yuna's gunner top.(FFX-2)and so on and on, I love being different and cannot stand to be the same. I'm usually Visual kei, but adding my favorite parts of my costumes gives that extra fun, and the O.o looks from people, especially ones that have no idea what "anime" is. But i have made sad and crying kids stop crying and happy by striking up my best kawaii anime voice and speak a little japanese, and make them smile. I go to the con, and ride the bus all the way there, stares everywhere, i like to show close minded people and people that never seen anything, things. I get mocked, sure, and the next day i have on even more cosplay, i care not what they think, i love it, my kids love it (yes they cosplay as well 4 and 6 yr olds, yay!)and my late hubby loved it(R.I.P) thats alllllll that counts to me! XD If it makes you feel good and you love it go for it! inb4 Tl;dr ><
Anonymous said…
I like going out in something unusual or different. The extent of the cosplay i wear depends on how much i feel like getting stared at. the other day i went out with cat ears tail bells and ribbons, corset, lace and even crazy makeup, whole nine yards. wasnt a specific caracter, i threw together a bunch of old cosplay peices that went nice together as an outfit. I felt like being stared at. If i dont want to be stared at to much i might just wear the trench coat, or i'll wear my black temari outfit with out the red bow. or my shinigami coat thing (the white robe) with a cool tee and jeans. it looks awesome. different, but the looks arent bad.
Anonymous said…
well i think its along the similar lines of chavs and goths they defined by the clothes they wear so why not for otakus, if u wana wear it then why the hell not, it's not illegal to look different and stand out from the crowd.
i think i sound a bit serious but i just believe that it shouldnt matter what you wear so long as you wear something its ok.
SocialMutation said…
I wear my cat ear headbands to school, and other accessories. Though i don't actually have a full costume anyway - i'd still wear one out as long as it's functional

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