I’m cool with insults and I’m ugly.

You know, its weird how people of our generation communicate and connects with each other. Living in the age of web 2.0, social networking sites and speeding internet connection has definitely changed a lot of stuffs.

And it’s funny how I’ve gotten myself into this predicament; the focus of an internet troll.

Not like I’m new to it since it’s so easy to leave ‘constructive’ comments on every single thing thing you have an issue with online.

Stop telling me they should not hold hands and omg THE CHAIRS!

I mean, 375,296 views, 1825 comments and 136 dislikes (growing at the moment) can’t be all peaches and cream.



Erm yeah, and I don’t understand why you’re so happy about it ._.








Thank you, thank you, I get your point.




And occasionally, some engrish I fail to comprehend totally because the sentence structuring conflicts in intent.


If you’re going to say its just Youtube people, then check out the comments on Niconico, 135,453 views,12,964 comments and some of the rudest comment ever.


In case you don’t understand Chinese, that yellow text says “She is freakin ugly”.

That’s not even the worse. I have old classmates telling me during gatherings that their friends in camp (National Service, go google) upon knowing he knows “Kaika”, would immediately have a tale or rumor about “Kaika” to share with him. Seriously, I didn’t even know “kaika” was anybody worth noticing! Someone tell me I ought to be happy.

And I’d be damned to admit that none of what they claimed seems to be archived in my memory! Either I’m suffering from memory loss or someone’s been fanning some stories. And I just laugh them off.

So yeah, you can tell I’m totally cool with misunderstandings and insults.

But some spammers/trollers are just downright persistent, weird and…. dumb.


Seriously, go read the comments. It is VERY entertaining.


So the guy started off by claiming that I have no rights to upload that video and that the copyright belongs to the models in the video, in this case, lovely Olivie and Miyako. Many people have misunderstandings about Copyright and Infringement laws so I wasn’t too upset about it. Just thought I’d let him know the correct rules.


And then he flooded me with a series of repetitive comments which the better part of me chose to ignore. Until a few weeks later, I saw Olivie’s comment on the video. Indicating her thanks to the guys for emailing and informing her about the video and educating her with the WRONG copyright information! That was when I really started to boil!


If I was rude and arrogant, I don’t know what’s polite!


It’s one thing to be misinformed and ignorant, and another thing to instigate conflicts! What more wrongly accusing the right and spread wrong information!

And so from telling me I should get the model’s permission, he has gone on to demand that I produce a certificate to prove I am the owner of the event/mall (wth certificate?! Does he think we’re talking about a swimming or cooking class?!)


And he even went on as much as to show me this picture as a prove of the “Youtube rule” that the uploader and videographer has no rights over the video.


I don’t want to come across as being mean or sarcastic but seriously, does he think I’m an idiot?

I know I look bimbotic but seriously, give me a break!



Don’t worry guys, I’m not upset about it and I’m knowledgeable enough to know everything I did is legally correct =) I should probably block him but he is such an entertainment now. I mean, he even helped created a blog entry \o/!


saku-chan said…
Oh goodness.
I have headaches reading idiots telling you about "laws" of YT.

Do not get too bothered by them. /e-hugs/
Jac said…
Just enjoy the lulz :D
Anonymous said…
LUL-ING BADLY NAO. That guy has no life other than on the net. =D

MuSiciA said…
Just ignore them, the more u react to them, the more "shiok" they are. Brush it aside. Your cosplay are still great IMHO
Anonymous said…
"The pink hair looks fake"
They know that's a wig... right?
*gives you a hug*
allkhe said…
For every bad comment you're getting in the JBF vid, there are hundreds more supportive ones that are in love with it, so don't let it get to you :)! The hate niconico comment had 'i think it's awesome!' below it, so that neutralises the hate lolol
Anonymous said…
I don't understand why some people would do that other than "They have no lives"
But, you have lots of supporters that think you're amazing for making this amazing cosplay vid, and to put up with all those nasty comments - that's just absolutely horrible D:

Anyway, I think you don't look old at all and that you're really pretty <3
dearttolife said…
I laughed at all the idiotic comments when I saw them (before this journal post).

Who knows what's their definition of "old" anyway. Maybe a 3 year old kid = old? They expect everybody to look hollywood glam? Maybe they are just discriminating Asian (non-Japanese, since Japanese in many people's eyes are perfect beings, but they have yet to see the omgnotsopretty ones).

Just ignore them. Maybe they are jealous that you're prettier than them, and getting all the attention, LOL. I suppose that's what comes together, when you're "famous".

I used get #@$*@!#)*@!@!!! with all the "you are bimbotic" "you think you very pretty is it" and all other insulting comments, but I think I'm starting to learn how to let go... Unless I can sew their mouths together and gorge their eyes out, there's nothing I can do about them anyway =\
Hiroky said…
AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA sorry hahaha but its obvious that those trolls are just jelous about your video(because its the best vocaloid video ever and they wish they were like you) , dont worry kaika, you look beautiful like luka and try not to answer their coments just ignore them. There will be always people who hate you JUST FOR BEING BETTER THAN THEM (its all they can do, say rude and stupid comments about anything about people they are jelous at)

IF youtube ITSELF doesn't tell you quit the video, dont do it if you dont want to.
just ignore them Kaika :3 You are awesome as a cosplayer and as a person ^^!!!

sorry about my english i need to practice more lol XD but hope you can understand the message^^
Love you Kaika :3!
Fang Shinobi said…
You'll always be pretty to me. I don't know why people have to be rude. Just flag or vote down their comments (I just don't know which works on youtube lol).
Sese said…
WHAT A DUMB ASS NIMROD! And oh Kaika I personally believe you are pretty :3 and about that guy spamming you on copyright laws, he knows nothing and just obviously just want to get on your case.

Again another brainless nimrod.


I guess consider this as a lulz?
Well, for myself, I really loved that cosplay vid and appreciate all the work that went into it.
Sakana said…
I can understand your feeling, my Nyan Nyan video also have alot of negative comments mix with good comments. =X
But I just dun bother about them, some comments are really entertaining thou. lol
Fairy said…
hugs~ so proud of you.
songster69 said…
If you want to get really legal about it, the copyright belongs to the Vocaloid creators since they created the characters. But they don't go around stopping people from doing fanart or cosplays of them right?

I don't see anything wrong about the video, you were just covering a cosplay event at a mall.
caillen said…
ye gads x.x all i can say is that people are either just jealous or rumormongers. *sigh*

YinG said…

But I guess they are just sour you got a lot of view hits!

Anonymous said…
Lool, just screw them! I think your beautiful! :D
I loved the music video so much! Your video is probably best JBF video out there anyways! Forget them, their just jealous of your skills.
We fans will always love you! :D
PuchysLOVE said…
Jaja its really funny to read all taht stupids comments, its really hilarious see the people that only exist for the welfare of our life....

in other words they don´t have a life so have to devoted themselves only to watch every move we make

I don´t think that your are ugly o something like that, and is well known that people who label others by "ugly" are people with lower self-esteem
Anonymous said…
My suggestion to you about youtube is youtube is full of arrogant and rude losers. ignore their speech on you or your friends, and you will be okay. that is it.

Actually I wish to write on olivie facebook about that, but just because it's too childish to read this kind of post in her profile wall so I did not even post inside olivie wall.

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