Defense Devil, Idamaria Costume Journey!

Hey peeps, I’m back for another costume journey/breakdown entry Open-mouthed smile I don’t know about you, but as a cosplayer myself, I LOVE knowing/learning how other cosplayers do their costumes and props. I might not ever do a costume that required that knowledge but it’s always interesting to know.


Anyway, here to share my Idamaria’s Costume journey with you guys ^_^. First off, I decided to cut myself some slack and tailor this costume instead of making it from scratch. Other than the black dress base, everything else is self made.
Mad love the job my tailor did on the dress! 


You know how dark coloured clothes can merge the subject into the background?. I found out through this cosplay that sometimes... It's good to use reflective cloth :D The material for Idamaria's dress reflects enough light to sculpt the figure but not too much to blind the photos. The fabric is a sort of polyester satin from Ghim Joo :D.

And mad love the lantern sleeves my tailor and I devised for such sleeves. Okay, more credits to my tailor than me =X We used the same pattern for Eclair too. I shall do another entry for the sleeves in the future.
The golden cross are cut from golden vinyl, added 3d paint to the edge and sprayed. The little knoots/screw thingy are made from.... make a guess!


Yellow cylinder format erasers!!! It must have been the most fun part of the costume. Prior to using erasers, I tried modelling with paper clay. Made a bunch of them by rolling the clay out and cookie cut them out with straws (they are the red ones in the above pic). But the result was very asymmetrical and varied buttons =(

Anyway, the erasers were super glued on and the entire cross motifs were sprayed metallic gold then stuck onto the dress with my trusty fabric glue.  After spraying them I realise how idiotic I was for shelling out $9 to buy gold vinyl , only to sprayed over later.

AFAX2010_WIP 003
Made my sword with the cardboard method. The paint job was a disaster and kept flaking (think I should invest in some sort of paint sealent product ) but the sword was ultra light. Kaname and Aira were both super shocked when they tried holding the sword xD

Sliced into my toes while cutting the cardboard. It was really ouch T_T

Tried to save some money by making my cross instead of buying it. It is made out of polyfoam (name?) with a layer of hard cardboard and painted with white nail polish. And I learnt the slow way that despite coating with white glue, the foam is still prone to corroding under spray paint. Had to do the cross 3 times T__T

Made my petticoat myself and though it wasn't perfect, I'm still pleased with how it turned out. Also love my skirt's lace which i bought from korea. 

Made the pouch out of foam. Click here to find the template for it.


The gun was made by combining a store bought toy and a cardboard fixture on top of it. Black foam and white paper was used to create the cross like design on the cardboard fixture while white 3D paint was used to write the words. Those words pretty much killed my fingers=_=


Boots are store bought. Was super lucky to have found a identical pair at an affordable price!
Alright, this marks the end of my boring and lengthy costume entry! Please let me know what you think about such costume entries xD


Sachie said…
Wow, you're such a fantastic cosplay! Envyenvy! :3
When you do make your own dresses/uniforms though, do you draft your own patterns?
Jac said…
great movement!
Laurie said…
The 1st pic was super gorgeous! I also love reading how other cosplayers do their costumes...really really nice post.
Anonymous said…
You look gorgeous! If you don't mind my asking, is it common for Singaporean cosplayers to have a tailor make part of their costumes? I was just a little curious. In the US costumes not made by the creators present often aren't allowed to be entered into craftsmanship competitions. Is this merely a cultural difference? I don't know much about cosplay in other countries.
Anonymous said…
I love reading about how you put your costumes together. I wish that I was good enough to create the costumes you do :)

Hope your toe feels better.
Sami said…
Lovely cosplay!!
I might check out how you made your pouch for my Kirin cosplay if you don't mind!

That looked like a pretty nasty cut.. although the two drops of blood remind me of Kyuubey's eyes haha

I'd love to see more posts like this please!!
Sese said…
Oohhh you used a toy gun as props. Me and my friends here calls that toy tech short for toy technology.

If you remember my weapon during AFA, we used a blade from a medieval toy sword and combining it with rubber sheet, weapon I can has! Hahaha
Sabaku no Yana said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sabaku no Yana said…
You look amazing with this cosplay. I really wanna say thank you. I made my first cosplay thanks to your tutorial "how to make a japanese Gi or yukata" on YT. That was two years ago and I just can't stop making cosplay now XD This blog is a great opportunity to be in touch with people so far away from me (I'm from Costa Rica)
Sachie: yeap

Jac: Thanks babe!

Laurie: Thanks ^_^

Annoymous: A lot of Singaporean cosplayer buy/ tailor their costumes. There is a sort os stigma against that but it is slowly disappearing with the influx of really cheap China costume that really defeats the whole purpose of custom making your costumes.

In Singapore, we rarely have 'craftmanship' competitions. we only have 'cosplay' competition. =(

Yes, definitely a cultural difference

phyrflie: thanks for the comment! I'm sure u can do it too!

Sami: Thanks! hope the pouch tutorial will help^^

Sese: Hi babe :D! I love modifyign from toys. It makes work so much easier! ur props was awesome too xD I must check out the materials in PH when I get there

Sabaku no Yana: Hey! Thanks for commenting and I hope u will enjoy this blog^^
MeroYuki said…
Hello, don't know if someone is still active on this website....
I try to produce also a cosplay by myself, so here are a few questions:
1.Where do you got that collar from? Selfmade?
2.On the 2nd pic it looks like the dress had just one sleeve... Did you add these or how does it come?

Well, that's all I want to know, I hope you read this and answer me :) (btw sry, I'm not a native english speaker, so please ignore all mistakes ;])
MeroYuki: Hi , sorry for the slow reply. The white bib was actually tailor, forgot to mention it in the blog entry ^^;

The picture looks like it had only 1 sleeves because we were still in the midst of making it. The black dress was tailored =)

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