Remember this post? Managed to get into the top 8 finalist bloggers with that and then went to the Singapore Discovery Centre the following weekend.

And now…. I’ve been selected to cover the Singapore day event at Shanghai!!!


This is old news to those who follow me on Facebook but still …. THANK YOU for all your support guys!!!!! I ‘m sure without you guys, I wouldn’t have been offered the chance *sniffs*

I promise I’ll try to find something to bring back for you guys ^_^. In the meanwhile…does anyone have any Shanghai travel tips or MustGoTos to share with me? I’d love to buy cosplay materials there but I have no freakin idea where! Google isn’t being very helpful either @_@


Laurie said…
Wow! Congratulations Kaika! T A T so happy for you :)) You have finally started on your dream, though you have done it many times before, a travelling blogger! Yatta!
Laurie: THANK YOU for sharing my happiness T_T
Kc said…
kaikan, hello, I found a random blog which is stealing post from yours and mine รณ_o
caillen said…
CONGRAZZLES!!! YAYYYY!! Am sure you'll do a great job covering the Singapore Day event in Shanghai :D
omi said…
congratulations!! your post was awesome! XDDD

also, tomoyo is in shanghai now. you can try poking her and see if you can meet up? lol

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