Prayers from Cosplayers to Japan

Hi guys! I'm sure without much need for an introduction, you guys would know I'm talking about the 8.9 Richter Earthquake and Tsunami that struck Japan on the 11th March 2011. 

I just want to express my heartfelt concerns and well wishes to all the victims of this natural phenomenon. And being a cosplay blog, I would like to take this chance to introduce this website called 'Prayers from Cosplayers ' to all of you. It is a campaign to let cosplayers all around the world gather together to show their encouragements and support to Japan!

*Singaporeans reading this, please SMS "RedCross" to 75772 to donate $50 to the Japan earthquake victims.

Just take a photo of yourself in costume with a piece of paper that has the japan flag symbol and your well wishes. Then upload the photo to the website.

I'll admit I wasn't for the whole "Support events" idea initially because I'm a practical person who believes donation is better than anything (I still think it is). And I didn't want to be seen as trying to get something out of this catastrophe.

But then I realise, for a country with almost unparallel economic and financial standing... money is not what the people need most (it of course is, but I'm referring to the spiritual sense). And that words of comfort can be the most powerful healing power on earth. I am most touched by how united and well behaved the people of Japan is in such times of crisis. No looting or raping and a lot of graciousness. What more can a society ask for? 

I have to admit, the biggest part to hit me about this catastrophe is not the gravity of the situation but how selfless all of them responded to the situation. For that, I cry and pray =|

So cosplayers all around the world, lets put on our costumes and show the motherland of our hobby some well deserved support!

I might be doing some charity drive to hopefully contribute in a more practical way. So stay tuned >.<


caillen said…
I wanted to do this too and...completely forgot the banner yesterday gwaaaah

THank you for pimping it :) I hope our message gets through to Japan.

Japan Power Station 2 has stabilized so yay!!
Jac said…
*baps self* to think I prepared the banners two days prior to the shoot... only to leave them behind when we rushed for the taxi T_T sowy!
Jac & caillen: haha, your comments have left me deducing you girls had a photoshoot last sunday xD.

Fear not! there is photoshop to the rescue right :D???

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