This is why I wanna visit a Con in the west !


4 years too late but… really, this is why I wanna visit a Con in the states Canada!

*EDIT: Apparently these videos were not taken at a Convention in the States. My inital blog intention was actually directed towards Western Conventions in general but an error is an error, so I’m here to correct it =)

Uploaded by mastorione

Akatsuki vs Shinsengumi in an epic battle for supremacy

Uploaded by EmonKataren

The Greater Vancouver branch of Shinsengumi cosplayers complete Stage 4 of the Fight Progression first started at Sakura-Con 2007 with a great deal of help from Akatsuki.
Again, utmost care was taken so that we did not break convention policy regarding fighting/sparring.
Stages 1-3 can be seen here:
Taken at Anime Evolution 2007 in Burnaby, BC.

Uploaded by EmonKataren

The Vancouver branch of Peacemaker Kurogane and Shinsengumi cosplayers demonstrate an incomplete step-by-step to building a charge/battle scene that doesn't quite exactly break convention policy re: sparring/fighting.

Taken at Sakura-Con 2007 in Seattle, WA. To be completed at Anime Evolution 2007 in Burnaby, BC.

Why can’t we do something like this in Singapore??? Someone please volunteer yourself!!!!

I left the best for the last. Enjoy!


「ナイフ」 said…
My point exactly!
Cons in the states seems to be more lively and they have alot of activities and off-stage gatherings.

Too bad Singapore cons are closely related to the ones in Japan where there's not many things that can be done to make it fun. Even if it's possible, it's seems to be considered a nuisance cause Singapore is a conservative country after all~
Jac said…
I don't think many cosplayers would want to get involved in those things because it would ruin props/makeup/costume XD

But hey, if you got something planned I'd be happy to join!
Nao38 said…
The videos were awesome!XD Wish the cons here have people who would do something like this~ I'd join!
Jerry Polence said…
Girl you REALLY need to attend one here!XD If you attend any of the big five, it's totally bigger and so much jam packed with activities it's a total otaku heaven!XD

If you attend Sakura Con, you will be staying at the hotel with me, I'll take care of ya!XD
Anonymous said…
LOL, I go to Anime Evolution as my local convention (lives in Vancouver). If you ever come to Canada, I'll be glad to be your tour guide XD
Father Gin said…
Maybe Singapore or I dunno Asia cosplayers prefer to be pretty in front of camera, rather than west cosplayers who like to play! Yeah Yeah! Maybe need lots of preparation to organize one, desu

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