Cosplay: The Series (Live Action Drama)



If you haven't heard, a group of talented Cosplayers and Film makers from Indonesia have come together to film a live action original story about, yes you guessed it; Cosplay! The story is set in a high school environment and the characters are all from the infamous Cosplay Club in school. Teen dramu loves :D?

Watch the trailer below!

Interview with the Director, Bonni Rambatan

I got pretty excited after watching the trailer because it clearly showed good directing and modern touch in the editing. And after nearly 10 years into the hobby, I must exclaim my personal excitement that our beloved hobby is finally getting more public recognition. The growing amount of talents that are churning out more and more artistic expressions of the hobby amazes me. And it is slowly growing into a commercial monster which I'm not complaining about because like I've discussed previously, commercialism has it’s benefit in the long run. But of course, that's just me.

The Cosplay Chronicles is officially affiliating with Cosplay: The Series and in line with the affiliation, I will be doing Episode Reviews =) Look forward to the 1st one coming up soon! In the mean time, pop over to their official website and watch the first 2 episode!


Laurie said…
Thanks for sharing Kaika :)I am starting to watch the first few episodes but I'll leave the reviews to you :)

The trailer made me look at their site too.
Jac said…
ooh nice find

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