HELP JAPAN! More updates!

Omg, one more week 1 more days to Start of the Year cosplay event!! Are you guys ready? I sure as hell know I'm not ready T.T . I'm really excited for SOYC this year because The Cosplay Chronicles will be collaborating with the SOYC organisers on the 1000 cranes project for Japan. If you haven't heard about it, please go to the entry below and check it out.

And the newest update for you guys,The Cosplay Chronicles will be also joining forces with Omake Studios to further expand our love and care to Japan !!


Rescend/Omake Studios,  a Singaporean Photographer is also having a fundraiser booth this Saturday. Go check out his gallery, I bet you a million you’ll get blown away.


Rescend/ Omake Studios is offering his photography service at the booth and has invited cosplayers to take pictures with you!!

I'm thinking of people like her, her and her. With every $5 donation, you will walk away with a polaroid, a digital picture of yourself and 2 paper cranes!


Yes, we have come together to offer you guys a special package :D But Rescend only has a 100 slots so be sure to grab your chance fast!

Please come and join us this  Saturday because we need all the help we can. It's not often in life we have the chance to make a difference, grasp this chance and make a difference in someone else's life.



On a side note, I have a crazy video eureka idea.

How much would you pay to see cosplayers do silly things? I would probably pay $5 bucks for a guy cosplayers to allow me to WAX HIS LEG!!! You catching the drift xD????

So yes, this S.O.Y.C, I might go around challenging cosplayers to do things out of their comfort zone and in return for their participation, I will sponsor their donation to the 1000 cranes project. No, those cosplayers won't get no money =P

Comment and share with me what is the craziest “Dare” you can think of and you might just see it happen !!


Zelmer said…
Ho man if waxed wrongly that legs is gonna become a mess of blood! =x

I'll say for a bridal style carry~ By two(of the same gender) who are comfortable with each other /o/
caillen said…
I LOVE the idea of challenging cosplayers! I'll look forward to seeing the vids from that event XD I seriously miss Singapore x.x
MadNati said…
i would love to be in singapure ._.
Jac said…
caramel dansen that's OOC to the character cosplayed, while moe cosplayers do GAR stuff.

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