Singapore day @ Shanghai 2011! (part 1)

Thanks to the kind people from MICA, I had a blast at Shanghai for the Singapore Day on the 16th April!

shanghai 127
It was a refreshing carnival of free local food, games, stage performances and picnic on the grass! Something not quite suitable to do in humid Singapore but something oh-so enjoyable in Spring Shanghai!!

Alright, kick starting the entry with some a cargo load of photographs to help illustrate the settings!

shanghai 093
The colourful stage with it’s mega LED screen on both sides. I really liked the usage of colours here, definitely brought about the familiar identity of Singapore as a multi-racial and multi-facet society.shanghai 022shanghai 024shanghai 031
All the booths rushing to get everything in place before the crowd floods in. The booths this year was sorted by colours!shanghai 021
Coniferous trees in the park creating a classy backdrop. I can feel the cold air just by looking at this picture.
shanghai 025
The stalls before the crowd came in. Yes, you bet it’s not so ‘quiet’ after that.shanghai 086
shanghai 090
The Ice kachang themed playground with an array of traditional games! Cheyenne randomly asked if I want to enter the Ice Kachang thing and I replied “Are we allowed in?” . She took a double take at me =_= |||
shanghai 009
Giant Graham Crackers tin with MONEY inside Open-mouthed smile You bet we were intrigued!
For those of you who don’t get it, this display is a take on how long ago before banks were secured, people would store their money in random tin cans such as these.
shanghai 010
Of course we couldn’t resist a Photo opportunity!
shanghai 011
The closest I’ll ever get to hitting someone with MONEY! Fear my $50 bill!
shanghai 012
And we’re not the only ones intrigued, look who's taking pictures
shanghai 014
Took the chance to ask for a photo opportunity and Mr Moses Lim kindly obliged! So nice ! He even entertained my cheesy request of shaking hands ala Prize Giving ceremony style xD
shanghai 030
shanghai 017
HDB styled sign post! with gigantic T-shirts that measured 4 storey high !
shanghai 041shanghai 049
shanghai 035shanghai 034
The MINDEF booth with it’s array of Physical Simulations for the public to try their hands or feet at. Photos at the bottom are the mobile kitchen.
shanghai 051
The kind officer at the station teaching us about how the Standing Board Jump equipment measures our score automatically.
shanghai 036shanghai 044
shanghai 046shanghai 039

shanghai 056
Here’s me agonizing over my Standing Board Jump score
shanghai 063After much struggle with the chin up, I managed to nail 12 pulls!
shanghai 065
shanghai 328
I went on to score full points for the rest of the test and was awarded GOLD!!!!!! hurhurhur =X
shanghai 091
People streaming into the event!
The Sports simulation booth had a cycling simulation which Cheyenne and I both tried. Everyone’s cycling speed was recorded and the one with the fastest score at the end of the day wins the bike. I don’t own any bikes at the moment.
shanghai 068
The coolest simulation imho, was the F1 race simulation. Not only was it in 3D, it was also a real life representation of the F1 race tracks in Singapore complete with the Esplanade and Old Supreme Court in the Backdrop.

And of course, there’s the MICA booth!
 shanghai 137shanghai 133
shanghai 136
Post cards to take away for all. Nothing better than a practical gift!
shanghai 134
The MICA Staffs really hard at work!
shanghai 131shanghai 132
Merlion hats!
shanghai 135
Local designer reinvented items on display. Please ignore the random humans in frame, the booth was so packed it was hard to capture anything without a random Mr or Mrs popping in.
RealPlayer shanghai 195 4202011 13942 AM.bmpRealPlayer shanghai 195 4202011 13958 AM.bmp
RealPlayer shanghai 095 4192011 63526 PM.bmpRealPlayer shanghai 095 4192011 63517 PM.bmp
I thought the colourful windows idea was pure ingenuity xD
shanghai 139
This area was the goodie bag giveaway area and one would think the snaking queue was never going to end!
shanghai 138
shanghai 096
The really cute T-shirt inside the goodie bag.
shanghai 326
The goodie bag given away by MICA. I mad looooove the artistic direction of the entire thing! Everything from the bag to the T-shirt, to the little notebooks were done so tastefully yet meaningfully!

shanghai 330shanghai 331

Because the Singapore Day was so full of awesomeness, one entry is not enough to justify it. Hence I will be ending part 1 of my Singapore Day entry here. Look forward to more photo spammage, videos and insights about the event!

Ps: I don't want to sound like a bootlicker but the event was really pretty cool.Part 2 to come soon =)
and I'll be uploading video of my AWESOME hotel room xD


Laurie said…
Hmm I am sorry for not being fully aware...but what is the relationship of having SG day in Shanghai...or is this some kind of tour that will go around the world to show what SG is like?
No worries dear, Singapore Day is an annual event for Singaporeans Only.

It is held OUTSIDE of Singapore and targeted towards Singaporeans working/living abroad. It changes country every year and previously was held at New York, Landon and Melbourne.
Jac said…
hahaha cute teaser pic
--andy-- said…
Nice, love the biscuit-money tin, but what is standingBoard jump doing in Shanghai? haha. Does Mica still have any spare cute GoodieBag T-shirts?
Laurie said…
@Kaika: Ah I get it now. Thanks clearing that up :)

I also think the Tin Can of Money would be a nice place to stay in. I want to jump in it and be surrounded with cash hahaha

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