Singapore Day @ Shanghai 2011 (part 2)

... So continues part 2 of my rendezvous at Singapore Day, Shanghai. If you haven't read part 1, you should scroll down for it.
shanghai 124
From the massive photo spam in the previous post, it's not hard to imagine the wonderful food and fun the Singapore Day organisers have put together for the attendees.
shanghai 112
I am sure most of the attendees would agree with me that the event was awesome. And one of the biggest highlight of the event would have to be the star studded stage performance.
shanghai 212shanghai 174
The list of performances includes Singapore's funniest family, Moses lim, Koh chin mun and Irene Ang (not from the same family but you get the point). The cast from little Nyonya , Pierre Png, Jeannette Aw and Xiang Yun. Of course there were also people with the voices such as Singapore Idol Sezairi, Cai Li Lian and Kit Chan.
shanghai 208shanghai 173

And my personal favourite, Babarella Chantal Thomas and Jacques Ooi. Really wanted a picture with them but luck was not on my side =(
shanghai 223
Highlight of the performance for me would have to be the skit by the funny family (Moses Lim, Koh Chin Mun And Irene Ang) , Dolly's epic singing, Babarella getting booed for criticising the performance (jokingly of course) and THE DURIANS!!!
Oh yeah, the best surprise/gift of the day for the Singaporeans there would be the free durians.
Like FREE. DURIAN!! An entire box with 5 huge chunk of durians !!! I mean, look at the faces xD!
shanghai 213
The durians were gone within 5 minutes. I swear I tried to record the struggle but was knocked over by the gush of durian fighters and everything ended before I could reach my camera that somersaulted 20 meters away.
Okay, fine. I was just kidding about the last part. My camera just decided to pull a stunt on me and I ended up not recording anything.
shanghai 216
But I have photos Open-mouthed smile.

shanghai 157
And there was a lot of cute children there! I know I sound bias but seriously, is it the air or something? Why does the Singaporean kid there look so much cuter?! Everyone of them are so pinch worthy!!
shanghai 152shanghai 160
shanghai 129
shanghai 144
Parents playing traditional games with their children.
shanghai 325
I ate the Camel Spicy tapioca and lost my paper ball.
I must commend the organiser's thoughtfulness in the goodie bag. Not only have they included traditional games and treats for the younger generation to get a feel of how playtime was like for their parents, they have also included useful things like picnic mat and concert bangers.shanghai 143I was swear I got a little haughty when I saw everyone layering newspaper on the grass. Was wondering why weren't they more prepared?! Singapore Day's a big thing you know?
Then I realise the complimentary picnic mat mimics the local papers xD
shanghai 090
The organisers also arranged a balloon master for the children.

shanghai 186
Can you guess what happened? (arghhh random guy walked into my scene).

shanghai 187
It seemed like the children were playing chase and sword fight when the little girl fell and burst her balloon.
And what happen next? the eldest boy with the green sword turned around and offered his sword immediately! Yes, I saw him holding his sword out as soon as he turned around and saw that the little girl had lost hers. What a chivalrous young gentleman! The family has definitely taught him well =)
With all the raving balloon sword fights and babies sighting, it's not hard to notice that many Singaporeans here came with their families in toil.
It was a heart-warming sight to see amidst all the bustling and queuing. Because like what our Theme song implies, Home is the centre of it all. Even though many Singaporeans have moved here with their family but no matter where they move to and no matter how long they’ve been away, Singapore will always hold an irreplaceable place in their heart. It will forever be a place to go back to and a place they miss.
The 5900 turnout is solid proof of that connection.shanghai 227
The feeling of home(sickness) is further emphasised when everyone got together and sang the 1998 theme song with the original singer, Kit Chan.
shanghai 189shanghai 191
The event ended on a very heart-warming note and I'm sure everyone went home with a rekindled Singaporean spirit. I really appreciate the government’s effort in organising big scale events like these for Singaporeans living abroad. Not only does it remind them that they are not forgotten, it also gives them the chance to remember their identity as a Singaporean.
I personally shall feel sad that nobody will understand all the durian jokes I shall make in the future =(


Kai Kuchiki said…
O_______O I did not know that you alsohave durians in Singapore!
Kai: Yup we do! It's a national love xD

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