S.O.Y.C 2011 ( 1000 Cranes Booth + Photo pimps)

And so the highly anticipated S.O.Y.C 2011 ended last weekend!


Thank you to everyone who supported the 1000 cranes Donation Drive and Omake Studio’s Kizuna booth. I have yet to touch base with Rescend about the donation funds gathered on his side but I believe both booth are equally touched by the support shown by Singaporeans.

Despite reaching the event hall around 10 and staying till 6 plus. I barely had time to enjoy the event so I'll apologize in advance for the lack of insights and event commentaries.

I’ll leave the granny grumbles to the end, so enjoy the event photographs first! All “Non Booth” photographs kindly taken by Maria who went around to enjoy the event with my camera on my behalf.

Massive Photo spam below!

IMG_1157Zabuza from Naruto!



Xrys and sakana as Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku from the song “Rondo of the Sun & Moon”


Asakura Yoh from Shaman King! There was even an entire team >w<!!!


IMG_1163 Drefan’s awesome Sengoku Basara Cosplay



Kagamine Rin. What song is she doing?



IMG_1155 IMG_1169 Parishu , Valerie and ? from ???

IMG_1170 Lawliet and Sochii as the Hakuouki Shinesengumi KitanBoys


  Noshuu as Stocking!



The event area with all the booths and stage events happening! 


A video coverage of the event and Donation booths at S.O.Y.C  by TokuAsia. Which reminded me to apologize if I scared anyone with my sloppy no makeup  look that morning =P

And now we come to photos of my “1000 Cranes” Booth Open-mouthed smile. Thanks to various people for the photographs!


The wonderful Cvy and Envy who so selflessly helped helm the booth when I couldn’t be around. I am so grateful to them!


Inuran the pretty Miku was also stuck at the booth with me =( Love Cvy’s smile here Open-mouthed smile


Adrian and Richard folding the paper cranes while the ever helpful Cvy watches on :D

There is a “Prayers from Cosplayers” sign there because one of the laptop was supposed to be dedicated to allowing cosplayers to take pictures of themselves and then uploading to PFC via the laptop. But let’s just say things was just thing much to handle T___T


I'm a little sad I don't have much photos of myself with the booth… now it looks like I was being lazy and just threw the workload to others X__X


Super mini crane done by Kuni. It is on top of a giant crane done by me hahaha.


I had to force Valefor to help me take pictures of myself with the booth! Yeah, I’m sad like that T__T



Was cosplaying as Megurine Luka from Rondo of the Sun and Moon with Inuran. Messy wig is messy =_=


The event was pretty awesome and I definitely loved the location. I’d say the event was a big leap from the before! So much more spacious than before and totally air conditioned!  Though it got really humid when it started raining….damn those auto adjusting aircons!

Some nice readers came up and asked if I was the writer of the Cosplay Chronicles and all I could muster was a “Yea *weak smile* ” before I broke off eye contact and turned around to take the Origami papers.

The continuous late nights and uncomfortable costume really exhausted me. I apologize if I wasn't too friendly that day=(


And anyone who picked up my camera would probably think it belongs to 1. Maria or 2. A Man.

Tell me what's wrong xD.

Yes………………………………. No camwhores?!! Yeah. That's kaika for you =/

Was a little too overcome by fatigue, I really couldn’t find the energy to take pictures! I realize this is a reoccurring problem with me. I tend to spend too much time rushing costumes, performing on stage or taking part in the competitions and I end up forgetting to enjoy the event. Hence my new Cosplay resolution shall be; to remember to ENJOY myself despite whatever situations and conditions!

I hope you enjoyed S.O.Y.C thoroughly. Remember to pop over to the Japanese Tsubasa Club's official website to leave them a comment or feedback about the event. Remember, it never hurts to say something nice =)


Gin said…
Awesome! I didn't know the event is so big! Looks fun!
Jac said…
glad to see it's indoors now. last year's was sweltering so I was hesitant to go back
Hexlord said…
Looks fun! Btw Drefan was doing Mitsurugi from Soul Calibur and not Sengoku Basara ^^;;
Shadow said…
That Rin is from Miku's "Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLH7YWhr3qg
pohcbSonic said…
I can sense that it's a great event that day, despite the fact that I'm stuck at the stage area for the rest of the afternoon till evening. =3=

But still, managed to ponder my way to your booth. So there!!

For the photos, still looks okay though. =3
StarrySnow said…
OMG I see myself as Azusa in your ss.... *honoured* LOL! You were so gorgeous real life! <3
Rieyn said…
Omg I didn't know you took my picture. 8DDD
KiWiWiChan said…
Nice coverage~ Let me fill in the blanks for this~ ^^

Parishu , Valerie and KiWiWiChan from Beastmaster and Prince.


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