S.O.Y.C 2011 Photo Pimps 2

Sorry for the delay guys~ but here is finally, part 2 of S.O.Y.C photos ^_^. Again, ALL photos are taken by Maria using my camera, so much thanks to her!.

I had to station myself at the 1000cranes booth so I really couldn’t move around much ^^; ENJOY!




Cutepetz as Sakura? 

The K-On girls! Maria as mio, ? as yui and ? as Azusa!


Lenneth as Megurine Luka from “Madness of Duke Venomania”



Panty and Stocking duo!



Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan right?

So MOE ~~~~ <3


The World Ends with you cosplay


Kagamine Len

Kyubi as a very bishie Kaito and…I forgot her name as a uber cute Len. Forgive me T_T


Tifa Lockheart and ……………….I swear I thought he was from vampire Knights =X


  More Hakuouki Shinsengumi team !!!


Sharmine said…
Kaika! Thanks for posting my photo XD and thanks to Maria too for taking! Uh my friend was the yui, her name is miiharu and I were the Azusa :D your booth was so awesome! :D but I didn't see you in person though :( but you're gorgeous in every photo i saw! XDD
vH_Bel said…
Hey Kaika! just wanted to leave a comment to thank you for postin my group's photo! we're the hakuouki team (calendar version) in the last picture. XD
so here's on behalf of my team, thank you very much! -bows- :D

Oh, and thanks for tellin me where was rainertachibana's booth! was quite hard to search with the huge crowd.

Lastly, kudos for organisin the 100cranes funraiser activity for Japan~!

Keep on cosplayin!
All the Best,
Jac said…
nice photos!
Sharmine & VH_Bel: Pleasure's all mine =) Thank you for posing!

Jac; ^_^ Thanks!
whitey said…
the one beside Tifa is Kurt from Senjou no Valkyria 3 :)
sorry I don't know the cosplayer namer orz

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