SOYC ends!

Phew! Can't believe SOYC has ended!

The event was awesome though I didn't have much chance to enjoy it n.n ;; The location is so much more spacious than before!!

Thank you to all that donated to Omake Studios and The Cosplay Chronicle's fundraising booth!

The 1000 cranes booth managed to raise around $330 and folded 240 cranes today! It was really heartwarming whenever somone donates!

I could see the unwillingness to part with the money but when they thought of the better good, they still decided to part with the cash. Humanity needs more of these people/feelings T.T !!!

A little sad I didn't managed to paparazzi or do my cosplayer challenge video due to the booth. For me, that would have to be the biggest sacrifice T.T
Would like to formally express my gratitude and thanks to the Japanese Tsubasa Club for organising such an awesome event. You guys just made Ngee Ann Poly SO much cooler :D And of course, without JTC's support the cranes project would not have been possible.

Also major thanks to my many friends who helped tended to the booth, Cvy and Envy while I was not around. And to those who helped clear up =)! Also thankies to Sakurazaki and her Tofu plushies that brought in $40 worth of donations!

The above photo is the cranes folded O.O! And it's biggggg ? now I'm really starting to regret not making the origami papers smaller ToT


Cari Paff said…
had some time to pop by and make two >a<;; (one of which was kinda hunchbacked. xD)
Jac said…
Aww I regret not being able to cosplay last weekend
Anonymous said…
shuushuu: I gold flying dinosaurs lol
maria_tachi said…
Your Good luck expression so funny!!!~ I like!!!!~ LOL

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