Vocaloid + Black Rock Shooter + Final Fantasy (Doujin Merch) giveaways!

*UPDATE: Please leave one comment for each entry , if you liked TCC's FB annd followed my tweets, then please submit 2 individual comment. Otherwise, I will count your entry as one instead of multiple !!:(

Yes, I’ve been sitting on this for ages, my bad. Anyway, here’s finally my Comic Fiesta (Malaysia) Doujinshi Merchandise giveaway entry! Click on the pictures to enlarge =)
IMG_0379 edit
Argh… I’m too lazy to retake photographs of the spread so…don’t mind the censorship =/
Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master badges
IMG_0387Final Fantasy calendar
Chibi Vocaloid stickers!!!
Aren’t they cute >.<????

STEP 1) To win the merchandise, do either of the below …
* Every single Like/follow/subscribe is counted as one entry!

STEP 2) Then come back here to post a comment with either a direct link to show that you are following me, or tell your username so I can search for you =)
Alternatively, you can submit a screen cap.
* Please make sure to leave one comment for each entry otherwise it will make counting a disaster =(
* Please make sure to leave either a working email or a blogger account for me to contact you if you win

Deadline for this giveaway is 2nd May 2011! I’ll sponsor up to SGD5 shipping fee but if shipping exceeds that, you'll have to top up the difference ^_^. Winners will be selected via random.org so follow/like/subscribe more to increase your chances of winning! Yes, this is a low hand way to boost followers ohohohohh! Good Luck!!!!


snowflakes27 said…
i have already done them all apart from the twitter thingie cause i don't have one!(youtube username-nerdygothhime,fb-ange ushiromiya)!enter me plz!xD
BTW plz continue uploading cosplay tutorials ...they are so useful and easy to understand!^^
MrZenryu said…
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MrZenryu said…
I have already like your fb :'D (Name - Mina Yau)
I have also already subscribed to your youtube ^//^ (Username - Mrzenryu)

I don't have twitter orz
Fatin said…
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sαchie said…
Following you on FB as Cianna Ai
On youtube as Lemonkissu
Following blog with name 'Sachie'
Following your twitter by 'sachiecruel'
My email is friedvegetables@gmail.com

Awesome prizes! :D
PirateSkittles said…
Liked your Facebook Page a long time ago xD; My name on Facebook is Ria R-B
PirateSkittles said…
Followed your blog with my Gmail, pirateskittles (at) gmail (dot) com *avoiding spambots*
PirateSkittles said…
Subscribed to your YouTube Channel a long time ago, my YouTube Username is PirateSkitchan
PirateSkittles said…
Followed your Twitter a long time ago, my Twitter Username is pinkiixria
Yui Misora said…
I liked The Cosplay Chronicles page on facebook and I subbed to you on youtube a long time ago^^ My youtube name is yuixmisora or sakurasauske12. my fb name is kei jangmi
Chaice said…
Hey there! I'm already subscribed to everything (except Twitter, cuz I'm not on Twitter >_<)

Facebook - Chaice Ng Hui Lin
Youtube - kiryuuchaice
Blogger - email address is kiryuuchaice@gmail.com
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Cheryl Low said…
I've subscribed to your YouTube. ^^

My Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/clhxlicious?feature=mhum

(name used is clhxlicious)

My email: clhx@live.com.sg

Your my inspiration to my cosplays. :D
Cheryl Low said…
I've also liked you on FB for a long time already!

My FB:

email used is clhx@live.com.sg :D

I've just started cosplaying too!
Cheryl Low said…
I've also followed your twitter!


my twitter name is MizushimaChika


My email used is clhx@live.com.sg
Cheryl Low said…
I follow your blog but the google Friend Connect link doesn't seem to be working...

Anyway this is my blogger profile:


Your fan from Singapore here! :D
Jac said…
the goodies are so cute!
hey kaika ! I'm a follower xD This is my account with GoogleFriendConnect, I'm "fuyumiDESU" on youtube and @fudafu on Twitter ^^

my email is tinalaa@hotmail.com
Vivian Nguyen said…
This is my account for following you, I'm "ayuvidesu" on Youtube and I subscribed to your channel, and I liked your Facebook page! My Facebook is Vivian Nguyen :D
Alexandra Kovács said…
I've already liked your Facebook, my name is Alexandra Kovács and I alredy follow you on twitter (Yamazaki_Nikasa) and I'm subscribed to your YouTube channel, my username is Alikingdom :D
enter me please ^^
Choco said…
I am following you in all 4 sites. ^-^

My facebook: Choco Natsuyami Izumi
My gmail for following your blog: mmaria002@gmail.com
My Youtube account: MrChocopic
My Twitter: choconatsuyami
Rieyn said…
Followed you on twitter! 8D
xAoiSora said…
Hi, here's one entry for following via Google Friends Connect. :)
xAoiSora said…
Entry no.2 for liking you Facebook page! I'm Joanne Lee (xAoiSora): http://www.facebook.com/xAoiSora
xAoiSora said…
You sure you don't mind spamming?! :x
Anyway I follow on Twitter too, I'm xAoiSora as usual (http://twitter.com/xaoisora) and also the one who bugged you after CF about seeing you there (and Crim popped into the conversation too) xD
xAoiSora said…
And lastly (I'M SO SORRY I feel so bad for posting four times) I'm x3Cissnei on YouTube.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I saw most of them at CF but had spent all my money on cosplay and didn't buy much there. ><
cutieforevera said…
Liked your page on Facebook ~ My name is Eileen Ng ( or you can search with rinnie3624@hotmail.com to find it )

Subscribed to you on Youtube too , my username is LeenRawrs

My email is cutieforevera@hotmail.com
cutieforevera said…
I didn't really notice the things above so i'm just going to comment my youtube ^^; .

LeenRawrs is my username on Youtube.
My email is cutieforevera@hotmail.com.
alienatedrobot said…
Hi Ms. Elpheal! I'm alienatedrobot. :) This account is my google account. :)
alienatedrobot said…
I liked your facebook page Ms. Elpheal! (Yay! Another entry for me!) My name in facebook: Wicca Picca alienatedrobot@yahoo.com
alienatedrobot said…
I followed you on twitter already. ;D I was the one who send the cute "collapsing" bunneh. :))

username on twitter: alienatedrobot

PS. I REACTIVATED MY FB account for this. :))
alienatedrobot said…
Lastly, I subscribed on your youtube. This time, a different name. :))

username on youtube: imaginaryalien

Kersten said…
I have liked you on facebook the name is Kersten Peterson on that.

Then i am subscribed on your youtube user name alliedidentity

email is kpphotography89@yahoo.com
pollardalicia said…
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Yui Misora said…
I liked the cosplay chronicles on fb. my name is kaela pollard. i dont have a twitter
Yui Misora said…
i subbed to you on youtube a long time ago also. my youtube names are either sakurasauske12 or yuixmisora
SamuHamu said…
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SamuHamu said…
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SamuHamu said…
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j said…
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Fatin said…
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Fatin said…
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Fatin said…
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Rebecca said…
I also subscribed to your youtube! UN: phantomsox
Chaice said…
also, my facebook is Chaice Ng Hui Lin. :D
Chaice said…
Argh okay just saw the update about the number of entries. >_< My youtube is kiryuuchaice96
Becca said…
Hiya Kaika! :) Oh thank you so much for the giveaways...(they're the only times I can actually get a chance at getting anime/video game merchandise XD)

I've been following you on youtube for awhile now!

My youtube username is: XLunaFlorX

My email: XLunaFlorX@aim.com
Becca said…
Alright so I JUST found out about your facebook page (whaaaat I should've known this already! D:)

I liked your facebook page so my facebook name is: Rebecca Aquije
miikuuru said…
facebook- erin gaura
youtube- MikuraMitsumeara
twitter- kiyoshimai
email- miikuuru@yahoo.com
Becca said…
I didn't know you had a twitter either...orz (shame on me)

So I followed you on twitter! :)

My twitter username is: PanderiaXFyre
miikuuru said…
just found out 1 comment is 1 entry so ill do the 1 comment thing ^^;
youtube: MikuraMitsumeara

email: miikuuru@yahoo.com
miikuuru said…
twitter: kiyoshimai

email again: miikuuru@yahoo.com
miikuuru said…
facebook: erin gaura

email AGAIN: miikuuru@yahoo.com

kawaiiriceball said…
Facebook: Cathy Yang
Twitter: Kawaii_Riceball
YouTube: TheKawaiiRiceball
Google Friend Connect: kawaiiriceball/me0w.kittyy@gmail.com
MyMrNeko said…
Hey :D
I liked the facebook page my name - Shelby O'neil
I subscribed to your Youtube channel (:
And I don't have twitter :(
Claire said…
Facebook: Claire Jenkins
Youtube: Claire331

My email: clairekaiba@gmail.com

^____^ I've luved your cosplays since I found you on DeviantArt!
Cari Paff said…
FB: Carissa Chew Hui Wen (rukatox3aiai@gmail.com)

YouTube: xZeroLire

Twitter: x3ShiraElie

kaze said…
youtube: kaze9kc
Bebeto said…
Hey Kaika. I follow you except step 2 google because google always in prob ... I am a big Final Fantasy fan but other prizes are also okay.

Tks if could have FF calendar but thanks for the event....

my facebook is TheTantei, followed you.

My twitter is _Detektei_ following your twitter yesterday.

My youtube subscribed you is, "ConanDetektiv100". yesterday subscribed

but google friend finder is in prob these 2-3 days so not know how to tell you about this.

Many thanks for holding this campaign and thanks for the chance.

I could really endure / tolerate ship mail because ship mail is cheaper than airmail. Tks if you could let me have FF calendar but thanks if you could let me have other items. I like friends and prizes and gifts sent by anyone else. :)

It's kind of you to help me , tks!
Bebeto said…
Sorry I forgot my email

My email is arlumit@gmail.com
Asche said…
I just liked your paged on Facebook. :3
You can look me up as "Asche Li", and you can contact me there or by email : Dilithium.Dream@gmail.com.

Here is a screencap of the Cosplay Chronicles page in my interests/likes section : http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l12/Loveless_Kitsune/CosplayChronicles.jpg
Asche said…
Subscribed to your Youtube channel! My username is StockingsOfAnarchy. You can reach me at Dilithium.Dream@gmail.com. :3

Here is a screencap : http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l12/Loveless_Kitsune/elphealyoutube.jpg
Asche said…
Following you on Twitter! My username is StripeStockings. You can reach me at Dilithium.Dream@gmail.com.

Here is a screencap : http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l12/Loveless_Kitsune/KaikaTwitter.jpg
Annamei said…
Firstly, I've been subscribed to you on Youtube for a while now. My username's meichan025 :3
Annamei said…
I follow you on Twitter too! @Annameichan
Annamei said…
And liked on Facebook :3 name: Anna Tolentino
whitey said…
I follow your twitter :D @minato_w
whitey said…
allready follow you on FB =D account name: minato whitey
whitey said…
and I follow your YT too XD id: xXxWhiteairxXx
songster69 said…
I follow you on twitter, like your FB page and subscribed to your youtube channel ;)
gacktmiyavi4me said…
I follow u in facebook (Erica Melis) n YouTube (AbelXTres)

Email: Seph_Hikari@hotmail com
songster69 said…
So as commanded by you I will post again; this one's for your FB page
songster69 said…
This one's for your youtube channel... my name/nicknames are similar :)
Kayzel11 said…
Following you on youtube
Username: kayzel11
Email: usagistar11@yahoo.com
hi kaika^^

I'm followinf you on twitter...I'm @loli_sami

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