AKB48 to perform regularly in Singapore

Fans of the highly popular AKB48 all girls group in Singapore rejoice now! For the group will be coming to Singapore, REGULARLY!!!!

Watch the official video below to verify!

http://www.akb48.com.sg Full details here!

Starting this month, Singapore has been picked to house AKB48 and their sister group's first overseas theatre where concerts will be performed on a regular basis, in a similar format to Japan's. The world's first AKB48 Café, as well as South-east Asia's first AKB48 Official Shop, will also be set up in Singapore. This exciting project will be housed at *SCAPE in Singapore.

When I was in Japan last week, AKB48’s popularity was evitable. With commercials and posters almost everywhere. But I never knew they had that much Southeast Asia, much less Singaporean fans!


There’s even going to be a AKB48 cafe! Singaporeans rejoice!!

I may not be an AKB48 fan girl but this sure is exciting news to me. Because I see it as an opening of opportunities for Southeast Asia fans to interact with their favourite Japanese Celebrities in the future. It’s amazing how the Japanese culture is now actively reaching out to foreign fans and rooting their presence there.

Makes me wonder could the influx of Kpop be one of their driving factor xD

But nevertheless, I’m looking forward to a Johnny Junior performance here in Singapore! With AKB48 coming regularly, expect Singapore’s Tourism to see an increase! So exciting!


Bonni Rambatan said…
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Bonni Rambatan said…
Wow, exciting news indeed, Kaika! I'm not even a fanboy and this got me thinking about visiting Singapore more often! XD
yuuka- said…
Jac said…
oooh interesting
I NEED. TO GET. TO SINGAPORE /desperateface
Bonni: Hahah please do come ^^

Yuuka: nah, I'm just HOPING XD

フダ フユミ : Cosfest is next month =)?

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