Cosplay: The Series (Episode 5 review)

Episode 5 comes back with focus on every Yaoi fan girl's muse; Homosexuality. Better known as "Boy's Love".

The story begin with Vice Leader Ocha aka rabid yaoi fangirl chancing upon her brother's collection of Arya’s photograph kept in a folder affectionately named "My Lovely". What happened next was a dreadful misunderstanding between Ocha and Jafti that threatens to tear their relationship apart. What would happen to them?

The episode concludes abruptly with a Cosplay PV of Kagamine Rin & Len's original song 'Adolescent'. Definitely have to like how the song was chosen to reflect the feelings of the characters in this specific episode.

Coming to the 5th episode, the shortfall of having overly short stories are starting to stand out. Like what someone commented, having overly short episodes is starting to make the series appears truncated. I'm guessing the story is designed so as to have an even distribution of screen time and for it to stay general.


The usual issues of poor lighting persists in this episode with a big portion of the filming taken in places with poor nature lighting. I can't help feeling that the scene of Ocha with Annisa and Vincent would have been much more effective if it had better lighting and varied camera angles. I was also hoping the actors could give a more exaggerating performance but I guess I should lay down on that since nobody's a paid professional here.

Critics aside, what would you do if you found out your blood brother/sister is a gay/lesbian? Would you judge them or empathise with them?


Having been brought up in a fairly traditional family, I must admit I find it hard to attune to the idea of “Boys Love”. Even after nearly a decade into this community and having numerous Pro-Yaoi friends, I still find it hard to comprehend this interest.

Don't take me wrong, I'm not against them, I just can't find any reasons to support it on a personal basis. I still prefer my protagonist to get on with another protagonist of the opposite gender. Are you a Yaoi fan? What do you guys think about it? Comment and share with me!


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Laurie said…
I think I was also raised in a very religious family and I am also lost as to why girls find "Yaoi" sexy or hot.

I have this theory though that girls might like yaoi because they can never be part of it so when another girl comes they would bully her for being able to have a relationship with the guy they all like?

But that's just me. I still like hetero pairings ^ ^ best.

Well if I found out any of my siblings gay or lesbian, I'd probably be a bit surprised and ask around on how they know they are but I guess I'll still accept them. But as I've told my sister before I don't want my future child to be one since it would be difficult for most of the world to accept him/her at this point > <

But I wonder how many girls who like Yaoi in anime/manga like it in real life too?
Laurie: Thanks for ur comment! Truth be told, my bet is most Yaoi fangirl wouldn't really like Homosexuals in RL. But that's just me D:
Sese said…
I'm a yaoi fan and I'm coming from a catholic family. My parents are devout Catholics.

I support Yaoi. In fact I'm a FUJOSHI and I support gays and lesbian.

I have a younger sister who is a lesbian.

I support Yaoi beyond the fanservice it gives, I support yaoi and yuri because I am not one to judge who to love, whether if it's the opposite sex or the same gender. For me it is not a SIN to love whoever it may be.
SEse: Thanks for ur comment babe! It's nice to hear & learn from a another perspective and I hope you're not offended or anything :)

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