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I am SO LATE on this I know! But it seems like the people that brought us Anime Festival Asia has also gotten us a team of 4 kawaii girls! Sea ☆ A  is a quartet of Singaporean (Except Wynnie who’s from Malaysia) idol girl group who will debut in Japan.

From “ They be a new idol unit called "Sea A" and will be making their debut in Japan with their first single called "Dream Shooter" that will be the ending theme of the anime title Vanguard released by Lantis.”

Opening act of 「May'n ASIA TOUR 2011 UNIT!!, Uploaded by gmgen5775 on May 16, 2011

And here’s the member’s profile.





Being a Singaporean myself, I must say I’m excited for the girls and I sincerely wish them the best on this endeavour! If their endeavour is a successful one, I’m sure they will pave way for more such talents in the future ^_^ Fellow Singaporeans/ SouthEast Asianers, aren’t you excited XD?

And as usual, whenever there’s a novel action or introduction of something. There are bound to be people who are not agreeable. I am not a Sea☆A fan but I can’t help feeling unjust for them when I read some of the comments on Youtube.


Yeah. And I’m sure you totally look your age. Probably a kindergartner trapped in a grandma’s body?


Is this meant to be sarcasm?

I don’t understand what’s with all the cynical criticism because it is too early to judge. Let’s all give Sea☆A some time to prove themselves before we comment.

And before that, let’s give our fellow S.E.A girls (Singaporean & Malaysian) a big cheer for they have done something no one has done before!

P/s: I don’t really like their name though =\ Hard to type that ☆  sign


maria_tachi said…
Sea A's singing is not bad :) Just that their introduction and the FAQ session I dont really like.

FAQ => asked audience, self answer their own question session

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