Cosplay: The Series (Episode 6 & 7 review)

Hi peeps! Have you watched Episode 6 & 7 of the Indonesian Fan made Cosplay Live drama yet?

Episode 6 jumps back to the story with Headmistress Kartini, rewarding the club’s hard work with the return of their club room.

But not all is smooth for the club as their arch nemesis, Sukma delivers a wave of attack and threats. What can the club who has her tail caught do this time? This episode also sees the introduction of 2 new mysterious characters. Will they be friends or foe? Watch to find out!


Episode 7 is delivered short but succulently sweet. Watch this episode for the introduction of the devilish twins! Witness the destructive power of mock and pessimism! And you bet Sukma’s got a feet in this!


And now on to my comments!.

Episode 6 is dished with mega Anime styled storyline which I found a little hard to swallow. Because let's face it; some things only work in Anime.

Of course I'm not disregarding the effort and directions. I really commend their effort to weave 'Copyright' & 'Fair Use' into the picture. It's not often you hear a cosplayer talk about cosplay being an infringement act. So it’s definitely a good chance for new cosplayers to understand their hobby better. But the Hentai HDD and hacking portion was just a leeeeetle too, unrealistic.

It would really help if the appearance of mysterious lady and dude was more ….well, mysterious. Maybe they can try smoke next time Open-mouthed smile??

Performance of the actors were good (single-continuous-take FTW!) but Sukma gets the cake with his villainous ways. Sadly the lack of varied camera angles kills a big part of the performance. I would love to have more close-up of their facial expression and watch the actors overreact “Nodame” style Open-mouthed smile.

Episode 7 suffered a lot of Audio issues but that aside, I must say I really enjoyed Episode7 even though it was so short! I think it has something to do with the chop-chop editing and narrating. Surprisingly, this was 1 episode that I don’t feel will be better longer!

My point being, I’d rather have the story focus on the internal dispute than go in-depth about the twins and their misbehaviours! So plus points to Episode 7 Open-mouthed smile

I’ve come to the end of my review, comment and share your thoughts about the series with me! And tell me, do you agree that Sukma should wear Skinnys instead?

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