May’n & Aya Osamu in Singapore! (May’n THE MOVIE & Paradise Kiss)

And so everyone's favourite galactic singer; May'n graced our tropical island last weekend. May'n was in Singapore for her Asia Live Tour on the 4th of June. She also graced the red carpet premiere for her new 3d movie, May'n THE MOVIE: Phonic Nation.

A bunch of cosplayers were gathered to attend the event to support May'n.


May'n first performed 'Diamond Crevasses', the song that propelled her to international stardom. And followed up with her new self composed song, 'Phonic Nation' , much to the excitement of her fans.

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Her voice never fails and hearing her live is always so amazing!

Now on to some event photos.

Disclaimer: NONE of the photos here belong to me. Got them from the websites listed at the end of the entry. As one of the rabbits in the cage it was near impossible for me to take pictures.


Aya Omasa was also there to promote her movie, Paradise Kiss .601165_201106070149061
The red carpet we were required to walk in, I tell you, it was super awkward.

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Adobe Flash Player 672011 113357 PM.bmpHost of the evening was Chua En Lai. I guess having the chance to talk to him was the only benefit of the day *shrug*Adobe Flash Player 672011 113406 PM.bmp 
When the stage ended, starhub came over and arranged an interview with the cosplayers. Much to the annoyance of many because it certain didn't help us make it for May'n's Movie at 7:45pm. It was a mad rush to change out after that *grumbles*


The movie was pretty cool and it highlighted May'n beauty. Her super well groomed hair and skin!! Her skin was soooooo smooth it makes me wana kiss her xD *gets bricked by May'n fans*.

All in all, expect the movie to be a montage of her journey in the making of the song ' Phonic Nation' and her awesome live performances. If the show is airing in your neighbourhood, remember to check it out!

Yes, as you might have noticed, yours truly was part of the the colourful background. Let me solemnly swear that I'll never agree to cosplay requests like this ever again =) Oh look! Rainbow unicorns!!!

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