The way Cosplay should be! (Live action video)

Much thanks to Gin for sharing this epic stuff with me! This is the epitome of live action Cosplay <3!.

I decided to do something different with Cosplay other than take pics with cute chicks in anime outfits (altho that is pretty awesome as well). I really wanted to bring these characters to life. This was shot during Anime North 2011.
Special thanks to:
Lyon Lee
Erin Hong
Judy Lim ( )
Erin Moroney ( Naruto )
Christopher Cheong ( Luffy )
Marissa Melnyk ( Shiek )
* if u are in the video and would like to be credited, please write on my facebook page (see below) *
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Music Credit:
Track title: Zaad
Composer: Jason Livesay
Publisher: Bradley Scoring Studios
********* I apologize to the fanboys/girls for the monster hunter girl & WoW Warglaives, i really had no clue who they were! **********


I ouch at the thumbnail xD


Seriously, you westerners are making me soooo envious of your talents! I must make visiting a western Con part of my bucket list!

To all who are still rushing for Cosfest tomorrow, all the best!!!!!


sĪ±chie said…
I went to AN11 this year as well! I didn't see thatguy though haha, and Acksons videos are always amazing! :D
MayonakaSun said…
Cool vids, thank you for sharing.
They were amazing cosplays :D~
Natalie D. said…
the editing is so nice
maria_tachi said…
Love the video so much!!!!~ It's so inspiring

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