Japan Day 1 (Namja Town)

Because you guys said okay so here's my japan trip entry!!!

Japan May 2011 004
It was such an unexpected blessing to be able to visit Japan this year. What's more, I flew via SQ and my total accommodation + flight cost me last than sgd700!!!! Indeed very blessed ToT

Maybe God is rewarding me for all the good deeds I've done :D much thanks to my uber awesome travel partner Cvy for finding the great accommodation!!

We arrived too early to check into our hotel so we went to the Namja Town in the same building. Prepare for a massive photo flood!

Japan May 2011 010

Namja Town entrance!

Japan May 2011 015Japan May 2011 014

The cat mascot

Japan May 2011 018

The ticketing counter. There was some vending machine for selling food coupons. We didn’t try any of it though =(

Japan May 2011 022

Japan May 2011 023Japan May 2011 024

Japan May 2011 020Japan May 2011 019

Japan May 2011 030Japan May 2011 032


Japan May 2011 025

Here’s kawaii Cvy with life size sadaharu!

Japan May 2011 036Japan May 2011 035Japan May 2011 034

Monster Hunter?

Japan May 2011 040

Entrance to the Spooky Town.

Japan May 2011 046Japan May 2011 045Japan May 2011 047

random spooky demon chair near thhe entrance. No, I didn’t try sitting on it Smile with tongue out

Japan May 2011 048Spooky locker room where the lockers look really old and erm…un-usable but super spooky ^^;

Japan May 2011 050

This is a sure sign that the Ladies toilet is down the lane xD

Japan May 2011 051

Some tombstone games whereby the tombstones will move o_o

Japan May 2011 054

One of the most visually scary instalment >.< A mockup of an abandoned Shinto shrine where the whole ambience will change in a blink of an eye O_O;;; The sound effect and blazing eyes was shocking O_O

Japan May 2011 056

But the scariest instalment have got to be this Blo**y H*ll of a store front @#$%& Japan May 2011 057

It looked really harmless and since there was a buzzer button on the counter, I thought '”why not?”. Then we hear a kindly female voice spoke out to us. Because of our lack of comprehension, I could only guess it was a shop attendant telling us she would be with us shortly.

And being the brainless daredevil I was, I took a step forward and tried to peer through the glass………….



We were so shocked we jumped like 1 meter behind =__________=

Japan May 2011 059

Some random spooky picture of the spooky place. Japan May 2011 062The blue handprints are animated and they appear periodically accompanied with screaming voice overs and shaking of the windows =_=. Scary ^^;

Japan May 2011 064

Apparently you can also pay a fee to get a portable gadget that allows you to interact with the air. Alright, not air, some high tech simulation stuffs. Saw a few guys going around aiming their gadget at the empty atmosphere and hand pedalling their gadget enthusiastically.

Guy at the back is doing such activity but you can’t see it because it’s just too dark Smile with tongue out

Japan May 2011 065Japan May 2011 067Japan May 2011 068

Spooky Classroom that totally scared the shit out of Cvy @@;

Japan May 2011 071

Japan May 2011 072

Another eerie instalment in the guise of a traditional public toilet! It was payable entrance so we skipped it =x

Finally got out of the spooky land and to the more amusing parts xD!


Japan May 2011 073

Monster Hunter superimpose board!

Japan May 2011 074

I tried to do a pose of me salivating at the roast meat but Cvy says i look more like I’m smelling the armpits=_= WTF?!?!

Japan May 2011 075Japan May 2011 076

Gintama Ice creams!!!

Japan May 2011 077


Japan May 2011 079

And we found a huge Ice cream store!

Japan May 2011 078

With all sorts of random flavours. Such as….




Japan May 2011 080

Squid Ink =_=


Japan May 2011 081Japan May 2011 087Japan May 2011 088Japan May 2011 089

For once Wasabi seems less daunting …

Japan May 2011 082Japan May 2011 086

Nato ewwwww .>.<

Japan May 2011 083And this is not all…

Japan May 2011 085

like what?! Silk? Collagen you mean? Silk Ice cream is epic win…

Japan May 2011 092

…but nothing beats an Ice cream of an inanimate & ‘never alive’ flavour. Seriously, someone tell me how is this possible?! Only in Japan xDDD

Anyway, Cvy and I took our own sweet time choosing our ice cream and I’m sure it is much to all of your disappointment that we chose… Cheese & Yubari melon =X. Sorry, wasn’t exactly up for an adventure after that heart stopping incident xD

Japan May 2011 093

Japan May 2011 096

NYANKO SENSEIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent 200yen trying this but failed=_=

Japan May 2011 099Japan May 2011 098

And then there was an entire Gintama corner!!!

Japan May 2011 105

When I was there, Namja Town was having a Monster Hunter, Gintama and Sengoku Basara themed exhibition! Lucky Us!!

Japan May 2011 103

LIFE SIZE ELIZABETH!!!Japan May 2011 102

Japan May 2011 122Kawaii Gintama food xD!!

The entire Namja town was serving a whole catalogue of Gintama & Basara food! SHO CUTE T__T

Japan May 2011 021


Japan May 2011 113

And here’s the Sengoku Basara exhibit area!

Japan May 2011 115Japan May 2011 112Japan May 2011 121

After enjoying a few hours at Namja Town, it was finally time for us to check into our rooms! We stayed at Sunshine Prince Hotel that was at Ikebukuro. I was initially a little sad I couldn't sleep on a Tatami but when we saw our hotel room, all regrets was erased!

Check out our biiiiiggg room!

Even bigger surprise? The famous Otome street is just beside our hotel! In fact, it's directly across our level 29 room!

Japan May 2011 001

Spotted Animate???

Anyway, because this entry is too much of a bandwidth sucker, I’m going to split day 1 into 2 post. Next post will be Meiji Shrine and Harajuku!!


Anonymous said…
the video is private T_T
min said…
The gadget thing is actually a ghost hunting game LOL It detects "ghosts" in certain areas of the Namja town and allows guests to catch them or run away hahaha I think you can claim prizes for certain number of ghosts
Kai kuchiki said…
That's a very nice hotel room!XDD

I want to tr exploring spooky town too.:3
pohcbSonic said…
Now I'm more even eager to go to japan.

How's the administration for the trip like? I mean, need to go with the tour people, etc. ?

I've been planning first trip ever overseas, so need to ask. XD

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