Misc Anime Catalogues Giveaways!

I have SO MUCH stuffs stored up for you guys! I must stop procrastinating!

This is a giveaway entry for the Anime freebies, catalogues and flyers I got when I was in japan. They’re not worth anything but I figure some of you on the other end of the world would appreciate a slice of authentic Japanese culture in your life ^_^

*UPDATE: Forgot to include this calendar of FF7 Advent Children Cloud, kindly donated by the awesome  SilentStudio!!!!!




MOAR PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A4 magazine like booklet that has Tiger & Bunny spread + cover


Gintama’s Exhibition flyer from Namja Town



The back of the flyer is a catalog of the themed food.


A4 Flyer





Sengoku Basara’s exhibition Flyer from Namja Town


Behind the poster is a catalog of Basara themed food sold there. UBER CUTE!


Postcard sized Sengoku Basara card from Namja Town. It’s somethign like a score card







A4 coloured print out.Both sides is printed


A5 print out


The other side of it


IMG_3639Sticker postcard


STEP 1) To win the merchandise, do either of the below …

* Every single Like/follow/subscribe is counted as one entry!

STEP 2) Then come back here to post a comment with either a direct link to show that you are following me, or tell your username so I can search for you =)
Alternatively, you can submit a screen cap.
* Please make sure to leave one comment for each entry otherwise it will make counting a disaster =(
* Please make sure to leave either a working email or a blogger account for me to contact you if you win

Deadline for this giveaway is 13th Jul 2011! I’ll sponsor up to SGD5 shipping fee but if shipping exceeds that, you'll have to top up the difference ^_^. Winners will be selected via random.org so follow/like/subscribe more to increase your chances of winning! As usual yes, this is a low hand way to boost followers ohohohohh! Good Luck!!!!

I have A LOT more other stuffs to give your guys. Especially the gifts from Shanghai that predates my Japan trip xD But I figured since the collaterals are of the newest series it would be better to give them out first =)


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