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And so…

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….. after much struggle, I decided it is for the better good of the world that I strive for world peace and garner the world’s attention to the ever persisting situation of starving orphans and violent rapes in South Africa and the rising need to search for the cure for AIDS, adding to my objective the realism of global warming and abuse of non biodegradable shopping bags that I share this logo with the world.
Simply because I can and because more than 1 has asked. And because it would be a shame to hide this hard work inside my HDD.
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skip beat logo

You are free to use this image for your cosplays. But I would really appreciate a credit or a link back.

Please DO NOT reproduce, Direct link or claim it as yours. 

If possible, I'd appreciate you linking to the blog entry instead. The logo has been handmade by yours truly with the help of a screencap and Adobe Flash. Let's just say a lot of effort was put into it.


Jac said…
I upload logos and art assets I use for cosplay in my DA whenever possible :D
Alex: Thanks!

Jac: Wow you're so nice!!

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