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Hi peeps! I’m so sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve just been really caught up with life and feeling the pain in my teeth. And I just had 2 of my wisdom tooth extracted yesterday so please cheer for my courage T_T

Anyway, I complied an entry of awesome Cosplay PVs on YouTube! I am constantly amazed by the amount of passion and skills some fans have *_* Take a look at their hard work and commend on my hard work of scouring them for you okays add?


[Black Rock Shooter - Cosplay] B★RS x Saku PV - Full Version by Meishosama

I love the special effects done here! A blue flame that’s a real blue flame Open-mouthed smile! As everyone commented, BRS is a little too well endowed but I guess we shouldn’t be complaining about eye-candy right =X?


Vocaloid - こっち向いてBaby (Cosplay PV) "China Ver." by skyming2008

Made by a group of awesome China Cosplayer, this is a really well done and complete PV. The Miku & Luka cosplayer here are gorgeous with humongous eyes! In fact, this must be the PV with all the best looking cosplayers in it xD Yeays to strange facial ratio but No to bad acting!

It’s evident that none of the cosplayer here knows how to play their instrument but the least they could do is research on how to pretend like they do right >.<?? Watching them play their instrument is painful.


Vocaloiad Kagamine Rin: Iroha Song project diva 2 [ YukiGodbless's cosplay PV] by yukigodbless

A personal friend of mine and also Thailand’s WCS 2011 representative! The PV may not be very complete or true to the song but the colourful costume and kaleidoscope effect makes it a worthy video ^_^

meltdown_01.avi by dressxcode

【VOCALOID_秘蜜】コスROM告知用PV by dressxcode

The 2 vocaloid PVs by Dressxcode seems more like a photo collage compliation for the sale of their Photo Album. But I find the continuity of the story very engaging especially for “Himitsu'”




Just Be Friends cosplay pv by yanmiri

Probably the cutest JBF Luka cosplay you’ll ever see! How can anyone look so MOE and Anime like xD??!?!

♥ SMT Live Action ♥ Just be Friends by SupaMame

A group of Mexican Cosplayers who does a lot of Vocaloid PVs. Go visit their Youtube channel and subscribe because they are just so dedicated! Also thumbs up to them for doing the only video version of Just be Friends!


pohcbSonic said…
Liked BRS Vid and yukigodbless's vid. Cool.

btw, get well from the wisdom tooth extraction.

To think I'm not the only one. Mine's coming soon too. ~sigh~

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