Kipi (Japanese Cosplayer) at STGCC 2011

And so STGCC (Singapore Toy Games Comics Convention) is finally over! Had a blast and I think I'll need a few days to recuperate xD

Event report and photographs to come soon. But before that, here's some video of Kipi!

Yes, she's waving at ME!!!! Will tell you why so in another entry. Yes, no photoshop and she's really just that pretty.

Video by

It's funny how everyone on Facebook is now dissing her haters xD Will dedicate another entry to her soon!


Grysh said…
Awesome. I really love her cosplays and I'm pretty amazed that she still attends events. This is the first time I've heard of it. Lol. :)
-sk- said…
omg..-feels super jealous- cant believe i didnt go to the event! she looks sooo pretty and sincere. hope they call her again for more events here in singapore! i want see her~~ X_X
Grysh: She's here as a special guest^_^ That's a little different I guess =)

-SK- : go to STGCC's fb page and ask them to bring her back next year ^^
Hoshi said…
Hello, I'm a cosplay lover but quite amateur. This blog is very interesting and good for the beginners, I wanna know if I can translate this article into Spanish and reblog it in the official blog of , now I'm trying to making cosplay costumes ;)

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