Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) Cosplays Photo Pimps

And so after my last entry about the announcement of a Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Drama, I went ahead and scoured for some Rurouni Kenshin cosplay pictures.

Some of the pictures were from some blogs that obviously took it from somewhere else so I’d apologise in advance if I didn’t managed to credit everyone accordingly. If you find your picture here and wants it down or knows the original cosplayer, please let me know =)!

version 2 Kenshin cosplay by ~LokiBoki


Himura Kenshin cosplay by ~Poklol



Hitokiri Battousai :02: by ~koshinaka 


Rurouni Kenshin Cosplay by *LittleSara


Kenshin cosplay Nadeshicon 3 by *gabrielmanga

Days to Remember by *behindinfinity



Rurouni Kenshin by yours truly!

16873Yeap, Kenshin was my 3rd cosplay and I cosplayed him in 2002. Wig was not mainstream then so I dyed my real hair cherry red for him. Left my arm guard at home during the shoot which is the reason why my arms look so bare >.<

Should I cosplay kenshin again ????


叔 said…
第一张跟第8张的剑心coser是同个女生 她没玩cos很久了 销声匿迹啊 没记错的话她也适用真发 哎哟剑心好久的回忆有木有 那时还在AXN看的|||| 叔喜欢十本刀啦 =. =
叔: Let's cosplay RK together!!!!!!! Which of the bad guys do you like xD?
叔 said…
............ 叔要cos的是个少年....... 没办法cos了唉 而且叔也太高所以各种不适合 好吧叔永远都看看而已就好........... 就看看......... 亲别介意......... *飘*
叔: *Catchs u before u float away and play like a helium balloon*

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