STGCC 2011 Photo Pimps !

The Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention drew to a close last weekend at the Suntec City Mall. Although STGCC 2010 claims to have attracted 28,000 visitors. I would have to conclude from my rough sight-and-count analysis that turnout this year is significantly lesser. Especially on Saturday afternoon. IMG_4095

Nevertheless, the event was an unexpected but much needed boost to rekindle my excitement for Cosplay and Animanga events. I’m still feeling the magic of meeting Kipi and the event itself! Are you guys feeling the sparkles too XD?


Arrived only at around 4pm, first thing I did was meet up with! It was nice meeting her and she gave me souvenirs from Philippine! The Maid & strawberry cookies are from Japan, another souvenir thanks to Xrystal and Sakana ^^

And guess who was the first cosplayer I spot?



YES KIPI HERSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Magnetic-Rose and I were catching up in front of the entrance when I saw her walking  in front of me! I then stretched my hand out in pure theatrical dramatis and whimpered her name while looking at her walk further away. Magnetic-Rose then rolled her eyes and kicked me towards Kipi.

Okay, Magnetic-Rose didn’t actually do anything that violent ^^;; She just encouraged me to “GO!!”. Ahah, that’s why I love friends, they stay sober when you’re not . So I ran to the minder, gently tapped him on the back and asked for a photography chance!IMG_4100

But I think I might have scared the minder and Kipi by taking so much pictures *coughstalkercough* . The daunting photographer’s wall that mushroomed up must have worked it’s magic to scared them away too ^_^;

kipi vs photog


And of course, I had to have a picture with her too Open-mouthed smile Look, she places her hair on my back *score points* Don’t mind my horrible hair //_\\

I met her again later on and she was expectedly, surrounded by a wall of photographers. And she remembered me enough to wave back at me T__T Okay, enough with the Kipi rambles, on to the other cosplayers ^_^!


























Assassin’s creed! Loved the details on the costume, they are embossed!

I’m sorry this entry has so little text. This lazy blgoger needs to bath and then g to bed. Comment if you enjoyed the entry ^_^!


Anonymous said…
I'm so jealous!!!!!
You took photo with KIPI!!!!!!!!!!
Awww I shouldn't have went to eat or going to natsu so early =3=
Peggy Sim said…
Lucky you Kaika!!!! I was chionging costume T___T
hurhurhur look forward to my day2 report. Even more imbal :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
pohcbSonic said…
it's cool. Though have to admit, most went to natsu masuri on sat.

Even I couldn't resist. XD

Anyway, it's good fortune that you met kipi at day 1.

Even when I tried on the walk of fame on day 2, still ain't have the luck at the photo-taking session. ~sigh~.

yeah, photosgs these days. the moment u ask cosers to take photo, the rest photosgs will hide behind you liao. ~sigh~
Sese said…
Saw something I like that magnetic-rose gave you ^^ hahaha those "bawang" snacks are good I tell you
MayonakaSun said…
Amazing cosplays, thanks for sharing :D~
Asakura Haruto said…
I know how you feel when you take so much photos quickly of the cosplayer you like XD!!
But that's the Kamekko work! Leaving aside the stalker thing, I guess you were just excited. And you got really good shots ^^
And damn, Kipi is so good and cute at posing XD!

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