STGCC Day 2 Cosplay Photo Pimps

STGCC Day 2 without the clash of the Natsu Matsuri by the Japanese school, sees a significantly higher crowd turnout.
I apologise for the lack of photographs even though there are a lot more cosplayers on sunday. Too much time was taken up to pose for other other people's camera x.x ;;

This is one of the reason why I pretty much stopped cosplaying at events. But I wanted to be part of The Neo Tokyo Project's Photo documentary and wanted to meet Kipi in my costume so I dug up my horribly overused Suzumiya Cosplay ^^;

Decide to try another way of presenting event pictures. Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.

What do you think about the new thumbnail format? comment and let me know Open-mouthed smile!


Udreamy said…
That's very suitable for you to cosplay, very nice.
maria_tachi said…
The Thumbnail definately mcch better!~
Mikuto Kai said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kai said…
Yeah, I agree with Maria-san, It's Much Neater then a wall of photos. - Shadow

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