World Cosplay Summit 2011 Results!

WCS 2011 Official Website:

And the annual inaugural Cosplay Event, World Cosplay Summit 2011 has come to a close! Results as below! Much thanks to maria for informing me about the final results <3 !

  • 1st –Brazil
  • 2nd –Italy
  • 3rd –China
  • Brother award – Australia

“ Uploaded by YokosoNews on Aug 6, 2011

Check out Achim's photo of the parade at
Introduction of YokosoNews coverage of World Cosplay Summit 2011 (世界コスプレサミット) with Achim from RAN Magazine and Kati from Finland.”

Singapore’s representative
Thailand’s Representative


Also check out WCS’s official Tweet photos! Click here!

Photos credit to YokosoNews


MayonakaSun said…
So cool, thanks for this post! :)~

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