WWCPJ Country Spotlight: Canada!

The Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journey’s 7th recipient brings our attention to Canada!


Canada (play /ˈkænədə/) is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Located in the northern part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean. It is the world's second largest country by total area and has one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Canada is a federal state that is governed as a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state. It is a bilingual nation with both English and French as official languages at the federal level.

One of the world's highly developed countries, Canada has a diversified economy that is reliant upon its abundant natural resources and upon trade.


The name Canada comes from a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word, kanata, meaning "village" or "settlement". In 1535, indigenous inhabitants of the present-day Quebec City region used the word to direct French explorer Jacques Cartier to the village of Stadacona. Cartier later used the word Canada to refer not only to that particular village, but also the entire area subject to Donnacona (the chief at Stadacona); by 1545, European books and maps had begun referring to this region as Canada.








Canada occupies a major northern portion of North America, sharing the land borders with the contiguous United States to the south and the U.S. state of Alaska to the northwest, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west; to the north lies the Arctic Ocean.[73][74] By total area (including its waters), Canada is the second-largest country in the world, after Russia. By land area, Canada ranks fourth.[74]

Much of the Canadian Arctic is covered by ice and permafrost. Canada also has the longest coastline in the world: 202,080 kilometres (125,570 mi). Canada has more lakes than any other country, containing much of the world's fresh water.

There are also fresh-water glaciers in the Canadian Rockies and the Coast Mountains. Canada is geologically active, having many earthquakes and potentially active volcanoes, notably Mount Meager, Mount Garibaldi, Mount Cayley, and the Mount Edziza volcanic complex




Canada's official national sports are ice hockey and lacrosse. Hockey is a national pastime and the most popular spectator sport in the country. It is also the sport most played by Canadians, with 1.65 million participants in 2004




Apparently Canada’s cuisine is a big melt pot of many different heritage. Found this interesting site that even has a map of culinary influence xD. I’m sorry if my coverage on Canadian Cuisine isn’t deep enough.


Canadian cuisine varies widely from depending on the regions of the nation. The former Canadian prime minister Joe Clark has been paraphrased to have noted: "Canada has a cuisine of cuisines. Not a stew pot, but a smorgasbord."

The three earliest cuisines of Canada have First Nations, English, and French roots, with the traditional cuisine of English Canada closely related to British and American cuisine, while the traditional cuisine of French Canada has evolved from French cuisine and the winter provisions of fur traders. With subsequent waves of immigration in the 18th and 19th century from Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe, and also from China, the regional cuisines were subsequently augmented. A noteworthy fact is that Canada is the world's largest producer of Maple syrup.



And now moving on to the area everyone’s most interested in xD

Website: http://otakuthon.com/

Apparently one of the biggest convention is Otakuthon!

“Otakuthon is Quebec's largest anime convention promoting Japanese animation (anime), Japanese graphic novels (manga), related gaming and Japanese pop-culture.[2] It is held annually for 3 days in Montreal during a weekend in the summer months. It is a non-profit, fan-run anime convention that was initiated by Concordia University's anime club, named Otaku Anime of Concordia University (Otaku Anime for short).[3] The name "Otakuthon" is a portmanteau of the Japanese word "otaku" and "marathon". Otakuthon strives to be a bilingual (French and English) event, having programming, the masquerade, and the program book in both official languages.



Website: http://www.fanexpocanada.com/

Toronto, Canada's Fan Expo Canada is an annual multigenre fan convention. It was founded as the Canadian National Comic Book Expo in 1994 by Hobby Star Marketing Inc. It is traditionally a three-day event (Friday through Sunday) typically held the weekend before Labour Day during the summer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre; starting in 2011, it will become a 4-day convention.”

Definitely something more for Fans of the Western Series but the guest they invite are so cool *_*  TOM FELTON?!?!  *Gasp*!!!


Website: IRLevents.com

“IRL Events was founded by Dan Barbier and Greg Neher in September of 2010. We are a company dedicated to promoting, assisting, fostering and creating social events for nerds, geeks, dorks, and all forms of poindexterity in the GVRD. We believe that Vancouver is an awesome city with lots of awesome stuff happening, but too often these events go unnoticed. To help prevent this, we have created this website to act as a listing calendar for all manner of geek events, regardless of specific genre or who is organizing them. Our goal is to make sure that no geek is ever bored.”

Seriously, someone should set up a page like this in Singapore! Now moving on to Canadian Cosplayers!

Worth: Gonna make you Cry by *ManaFromHeaven



Peter Pan- Lost Boy by *twinfools

Forsaken by =PxScosplay

Your Final Fantasy by *FightingDreamersPro


Heart or gtfo by =PxScosplay

Ookami Ryouko 2 Sleeping by ~simakai


The wheel of fate is turning by ~simakai

submit and end this madness by ~simakai


CCS Cos: Under the Summer Sky by ~xWish


SC: Soul Eater by *FightingDreamersPro

Up your alley by *FightingDreamersPro


BRS2 by ~simakai



And thus I end my Country Spotlight entry for Canada ^_^! I’m sure my entry and collected Cosplay photographs don’t do the massive country justice but I hope you guys enjoy it >.<

I must admit, even though Canada is such a big country, I barely knew it. And the only things that comes to mind if you ask me about Canada, is this video .

Good job Kaika. Such a big country and all you know about it is a silly beer Ad. *Palms* Okay, and maybe Canada from Axis Power Hetalia. LOLS

And Celine Dion.

But I’m glad this entry has allowed me to know more about Canada and the wonderful scenery it has! Ahhhh the Rockies! How I wish I can visit Canada one day T_T Anyone willing to house me xD?


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sαchie said…
Haha you can stay with me :'D Canadian cons are okay, definitely not as exciting as American cons!

Fan Expo is a fun convention for comic lovers, not that much anime stuff though. Only problem is that it's a full-profit convention and it was organized horribly last year, where they ended up reaching the building's fire capacity limit and stopped letting people into the building at around noon, meaning lots of people were stuck outside and couldn't get in at all!

Anime North is probably the largest anime convention in Canada though! :D
Jac said…
The landscape photos look gorgeous ^^
Sese said…
I wanna go to Canada too!!!
pohcbSonic said…
Never amazes me that so much. =)
真美 said…
Woooo Canada~♥

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