Tiger & Bunny, Final Episode airing in Japan

This is nothing Cosplay related but because it’s awesome so I’m blogging about it.


As we know, the highly popular Anime Series; Tiger & Bunny ended it’s first season last Saturday .

The popularity of the series proved itself when the Fans filled up 46 Movie theatre screens country wide to watch the Live-Viewing of the final episode along with special appearance by the Seiyuus & Staff. According to Reiko, that’s like 22,000 fans!

Obviously, I wasn’t able to participate but my ever kawaii ‘Ex-Boyfriend’, Reiko was. And she wrote a very detailed journal of it HERE!!!!!!!!

I admit I’m not the biggest T&B fan around but I can so imagine the joy of walking into a Movie Theatre and it gets dominated by the poster of the Anime title I’m about to watch! And the excitement of watching it along with hundreds other supportive fans.

Need I expound further xD?!

Makes me wonder if the fandom in Singapore (or any other countries other than Japan) would ever reach such a standard. A situation where by the demands of the Fans are hard to ignore and the fans actually have some power xD



Anonymous said…
Oh man, I've been a Tiger&Bunny fan since the beginning. Last ep completely made me cry and laugh, then cry some more. ;_; Wish I could have had the chance to watch it on the big screen.
Before cosplaying pick a character from an anime you actually are familiar of so that you can be much more comfortable with your costume because you are used to the character and you actually know how he/she acts. People will be much more fond of the idea of you cosplaying your particular costume.

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