Vocaloid 3 – SeeU (Korean & Japanese Vocaloid))

Woots! There’s a Korean Vocaloid coming out soon! Because it is running it newest software engine, the realism of the voice is undeniably strong! Seriously, I’m blogging about this only because I’m in love with her debut song “I-Fantasy”

Cosplay anyone xD?

Vocaloid, the popular vocal synthesizer application made popular by ‘artists’ like Hatsune Miku, has rolled out its first ever Korean Vocaloid named ‘SeeU‘.

Produced by Hitman Bang (Bang Shi Hyuk), SeeU’s voice was provided by member Dahee of Big Hit Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group, GLAM.

A demo of her official song, “I=Fantasy“, was revealed online on August 30th. SeeU comes with Korean and Japanese voice banks and will be out in the Korean and Japanese market by October this year.

The fact that she’s a third generation Vocaloid artist means she has the new 03 engine franchise (tentatively due for release this month), an exciting piece of news for Vocaloid enthusiasts.  Overall, it sure makes for an interesting promotional tactic for GLAM in particular, adding anticipation for their debut.

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Anonymous said…
Why don't you Cosplay her your ?
Since you like her too :/
Anonymous said…
Yuki said…
I like her voice too >^< Really looking forward to hearing more trial songs and the band debut and she'll be so cute to cos~ but i'm too tall for her. ):
Iisan said…
Gah shes so cute and amazingly human sounding! I cant wait for her to debut more songs.

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