Cosmania 2011, Day 2 (Philippines)

Edit: Edited with names and more photos because data finally sent me Open-mouthed smile

Apologies for the extremely delayed report, been really caught up with costume making these days. As you guys know, along with Yuanie, Zephyus and Data, I flew over to Philippines to take part in Cosmania 2011. Here's my brief report of the event on Sunday.


If you guys are interested to know what we did for the other days, pop over to Sese's blog ^^

So rise and shine, guess what was our breakfast at 8am? After one breakfast with Kabayan Pasay, we decided it wasn’t worth our time to wake up early for it =X Hence the very kind Data ventured out and brought us Dunkin Donuts!


We were supposed to have an outdoor shoot for our Zakuro team but as luck would have it, it was cancelled due to the unpredictable weather.IMG_4978

The wonderful sese came to our hotel room to wake us up and change with us!IMG_4979

Since we arrived early and proceeded into the event area straight from the car park, we had some time to do a mini shoot with the awesome natural light.


Photographer Kira Hokuten, Zell and IFORGOTHISNAMEOMG bantering


And the crazy Kune joined us! Our Zakuro Team is complete!


Agemaki giving Zakuro candles. LOL



Some Solo shots we did with Zell Open-mouthed smile6207197706_c35864ba18_o

Kaika (me) as Zakuro


Kune as Agemaki Kei

6207186410_8874554d58_bSese as Ganryu Hanakiri

6207204466_45a07c0194_oZephyus as Omodaka


Yuanie as Kagamine Len from Arrest Rose


Replacing my troll face with another troll face xD

One of the things I noticed about malls in Philippines, is the rigorous security! When we enter the mall, they check. When we re-enter the event area after our lunch, they check again =.= . This is us queuing to get into the event area. Look at the snaking queue!!! 330910_261580087218692_100001001093722_755922_225023212_oThey even confiscated our pens o.o !

332676_261580247218676_100001001093722_755926_1274641973_oThe alley outside the event hall. It was overflowing with people XD


Some random event photos xD Don't ask me why, but I barely had any memory of the event. There was just too much people inside the event hall so I spent most of my time resting outside and shooting with Kira hokuten’s awesome light setup =)


with BARNABY!!!!! Awesome suit!


One thing I really admire about Filipina cosplayers are their abundance of Mecha/armour costumers! Such skills!!!


Spent the rest of the day watching the awesome performances.The TORCH cosplay competition contestants were so good they put me to shame xD!

334503_261580790551955_100001001093722_755939_1058951439_oWith Clive and Caroline. Clive is the special Judge for the Torch Cosplay Competition.


Guess who I met xD? It’s Rochelle from Magnetic-Rose! And she gave me a Manila Canvas Tote bag with a huge bag of Boy Bawang inside xD Excuse my stupid expression =_=



Got some free water from one of the event staff xD! It was like a hand grenade! So cute xD





One of the awesome stage prop *_*! How did they do this???! imageimage

I cannot remember what they were cosplaying but this team, hands down, have the best performance I’ve ever seen in  terms of story flow, usage of multimedia and stage effects! It was a huge pity one of the cosplayer lost some parts of her costume because their flight carrier lost her luggage =\

Edit: They were cosplaying from the series Oboro Muramasa. Thanks to Wildquaker for identifying

IMG_5018 edit

And we met one of the cosplayer, Jennifer Ong in the ladies xD! She was so friendly!


It was difficult for me (a non-BL fan) to watch this group’s performance but it was fun to hear the fangirls scream xDDDDDDDD


Zhel Pubacct and Amado Carlo Hernandaz cosplaying as characters from Final Fantasy 4. Their armour and performance was awesome *_* Which is why they are Philippine’s representatives for AFA this year ^^

We had a body massage appointment at our hotel at 10pm so we had to rush back before that.


One and only camwhore picture I sneaked with Jiaki before the last TORCH team performed. Couldn’t do this with Yuki and Pinky because they were seated all the way in T_T Horribly blurry I know.


328188_261580937218607_100001001093722_755941_1902512527_oSneaked some time to chat with YukiGodbles and Jiaki and passed Yuki some candies from Singapore ^_^



Zephyus and I with Sentinel who is also one of the guest judge =)!


The alley outside the event hall at 8:30pm. Very empty compared to the scary crowd in the day!


With Miguel and Jin Joson! I forgot the name of the guy in blue T_T! Maid Macho please help identify! Please ignore how retarded I look=_=

Edit: Guy in Blue is Dom ^_^! Thanks again to Wildquaker!


Really wished I could have more time to talk to The lovely Tux team but as fate would have it, we somehow didn’t managed to squeeze the time out T_T. Jin’s really pretty isn’t she???? *kidnaps her home >D*


A better picture with them xD! I only realise the blonde chick is Miguel, one entire day later =____= And I only realised it after because of the Biceps *palms*   Isn’t he pretteh xD????


And finally I got a chance to have a picture with Yuki godbless, Jiaki Darkness and Pinky Lu Xun! It was a really nice feeling to see Yuki godbless and Jiaki again after our last trip at Hong Kong. Much thanks to Zephyus for helpign me take this picture xD


And a picture with Zephyus in it! Much thanks to Rochelle for helping us take this xD


I had a lot of fun at Cosmania 2011. I definitely feel like I’ve learnt a lot from this trip and I really appreciates how the organisers have created the event to cater to a myriad of attendees. It felt like every corner we turn, something fun was happening. People were dancing in the dance booth, sponsors were giving away free snacks, photographers were congratulating the finalist for the photography competition and cosplayers are preparing for the Cosplay competition they are about to take part in.  334351_261579833885384_100001001093722_755917_684628318_o

I just wished I was in a  better frame of mind to explore and enjoy the arena better. But nevertheless, I think I walked away with more than I previously had ^_^


Hexlord said…
I think you made a typo.. its Cosmania 2011.. >.<

Anyway you girls experienced something epic~~~ glad you all had fun there. XD
Iisan-chan said…
This is so intense, we need these where I live, or maybe I should plan one. and all those cosplay were amazing, and of course the one you had one is super pretty, I love all the groups that are there.
Sese said…
vgzmvcxv hjbvc excuse me for spazzing here. Late post or not its okay.

Can't wait for next year bec KANAME and YayaHan will be here cbndlvbmfb nmvc

and yes Miguel is PRETTY as a girl. Im so envious ;A;

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