Cosplay: The Series (S2, Episode 10 review)

Yes! Cosplay: The Series is finally back with their highly anticipated Season 2! This is not a trailer, it’s the real thing! Watch it now!

In this episode, the socially awkward and strange Bando finds her soul leaping out of it’s shell when a ‘friendly’ house ghost decided to say hi in the toilet mirror. I mean who wouldn’t be right? Even if you look just as scary as the ghost itself =X

What happens next is both a tale of horror and mystery.  Running out of her house in a panic, Bando chanced upon yet another, you guessed it, ghost. But this time, one in the form of a Moe School girl. Oh, the horror!

How ghosts can Cosplay beats me o__o. But it is the refined mystery of Anime (and Anime inspired dramas) that you do not question the fine details in life and in script xD.

The cute and moe ghost then drops off a huge bag of cosplay material for the Q-Cosushinkai’s original Cosplay project. Advising Anya to be careful as ‘the evil forces are getting stronger… especially in this house” further adding that their leader Vincent would know.

The scene then cuts back to a few of the group members, namely Annisa, Bando, Yogi and Ayu in their usual hang out as Bando explains how she got the bag of cosplay materials.

The scene then cuts to the crucial arc that left off as a cliff hanger in Season 1; the mystery of that secret organisation. And this time, the high and mighty Nina is in trouble.

As usual, I’m really impressed by the excellent job Bonni Rambatan (producer) did with the special effects in this episode. I especially loved the lighting and sparkle effects on the Moe Schoolgirl ghost and who can hate the really cool face sliding animation intro! Just a thought, I wonder if the explosion sparks in 3:05 –3:06 is real or after effects o_o?

I guess after the hefty experience with Season 1, the crew have since invested in better sound equipment as the audio treatment in this episode is unnoticeably easy on the ears. In case you didn’t get why I used the word ‘unnoticeable’, it’s because like they say, the best designs are design you don’t spot. Kudos to that!

I’m really dying to know what.the.heck is this whole secret organisation thing about?! I scratched my head and couldn’t think of any logical explanation that could link a weird secret organisation to an innocent hobby like Cosplay =_=; So I guess I’d just have to wait for ep 11 =\! Share your thoughts with me about this episode by commenting below.

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Edit: *Palms* Can’t believe I messed up Bando and Anya! Bonni needs to give his characters different haircolour next time XD!!! *runs*


Anonymous said…
ah i think in the episode 10 it's not Anya but Bando XD

but it's true i'm affraid of the mirror ghost D: really scary
Anonymous said…
realy lot of improvement on season 2, compared with the 1st season, this is a lot better . . . can't wait for the next episode
reallyhandsomeguy said…
wow really nice job over there :D

i cant wait to see the lolita girl in 2nd season


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