COSPLAY: The Series (Season 2 Trailer)

For those of you who follow TheCosplayChronicle’s FB page, you’ll know how much I’ve been pimping about this. Yes, Cosplay:The Series is coming back with a highly anticipated season 2 !

“COSPLAY: The Series is basically a light-hearted drama comedy that takes its cues from Glee, and substitutes singers with cosplayers. However, in the final episodes of the first season, several unexpected plot twists occur which purposely made the viewers question whether or not they were onto a larger, more absurdly anime-like story.

Season 2, coming around late Fall this year, promises to deliver just as much. Unlike the first season, the second season utilizes plenty of CGI and action work and takes the story to new levels. Many viewers have demanded such a turn, after all, wanting to see cosplay films as more of an actual live-action drama of anime series. Parodies of franchises as diverse as The Grudge, High School of The Dead, and Black Butler will be featured, but also with plenty of original skits thrown in for good measure.

Season 2 will also answer plenty of the questions from Season 1. First, there is the obvious 30-day OC (Original Character) cosplay project promised as a negotiation with Headmistress Kartini that they still need to finish, and in this season you will finally get to see it (as shown in the main poster). Second, you will learn more about the secret pasts of Vincent, Sukma, Nina, and even Headmistress Kartini, as well as “the mole in the organization” that started the chaos hinted since Season 1’s sixth episode by Nina’s arrival, “Dark Clouds on the Horizon.”

So what exactly did our wacky band of high school heroes get themselves into? What absurd parodies, touching drama, and anime-inspired action will we see this time around? Find out all the answers this Fall! All in all, COSPLAY: The Series is a web series you don’t want to miss, so hurry, catch up on all the episodes from the first season and get yourselves ready for the next round of awesomeness!”

Personally, I can’t wait for Season 2 to start! Shivers and trembles of excitement ran down my spine when I watched the trailer. I even begged Bonni (CTS Producer) not to disappoint us fans when the series actually comes out. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hate movies that squeeze the highlights into the trailers right xD?

I’ll be featuring some exclusive interviews with the cast soon so remember to check back here ^_^. In the mean time, make sure you don’t miss the broadcast of CTS Season 2 by subscribing to their channel and liking their Facebook Page!



Sese said…
Oooohhhh Second Season!!! It amazes me how much time these guys have ;A;. Wish we have something like this in the Philippines.
Sese: Hahah I think they have a very jampacked filming schedule ^^ . I wish we have this in Singapore too!
Moon Shadow said…
I really cant wait for the second season to start >.<

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