Hare Hare Yukai dance Cover (The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi)

We were supposed to have a full team but commitment proved difficult and the idea was dropped.

After nearly 2 years(1.year 7 months to be accurate ) since my last practise and a gazillion years after the demise of the dance. I came out with this ^^; Just because I thought I should.

There are tonnes of mistakes in my dance and I know I skipped some part so please pardon my failure and just enjoy laughing at me.

And I now have new found respect for bubble-gum pop bands. Singing and dancing is hard! Even if you’re only lip synching! And Haruhi fans, please don't kill me!

Much thanks to Maria who filmed this for me! It took me a total of 25 takes to get this and I would have continued to persevere if not for the rumbling of our stomach and the going of the sunlight. Yes, I should kill myself for not revising the dance steps beforehand.

Edited by the #foreveralone yours truly =x


Peace out!


kimusensei said…
Soo cute!! <3<3 Good Job Kaika!! <3 The dance steps were well done! and i loled so hard at the guy who walked and stopped to watch you! ^^
Anonymous said…
lol I was just struggling with this dance just before I went on your blog XD this is awesome. ^^ that dude in the back......appears to be surprised? >.<
Caroline said…
Ahaha SO CUTE!!! you did the steps really well :D

kirin said…
Soo cute what a nice dance XD Great job ;)
Aww thanks for the kind words guys T___T

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