Miku Miku Dance Videos (Tiger & Bunny)

Miku Miku Dance is a freeware animation program that allow users to animate and create 3D animation movies. Check out the awesome MTVs made by talented Tiger & Bunny fans xD

Barnaby, Dragon Kid and Origami Cyclone dancing to Happy Synthesizer
Yes, look at Bunny’s hip at 0:30 XD

Origami Cyclone, Blue Rose & Bunny dancing to BREEZE

I really like this version Open-mouthed smile Origami can dance xD?!?!?

*More under the cut! *

Sky High dancing to Nights of Fire

Barnaby, Saito & Kotetsu dancing to IHAVENOIDEAWHATSONGTISIZ

Barnaby  dancing to Nostalogic

Yeahh, Barnaby is so …………..gay xD SExah Hips!

Kotetsu & Barnaby dancing to Ura Omote lovers

I am amazed by how well they executed the dance *_* Then again, they are not humans.

Tiger chibis dancing >w< The cutest thing ever =3

Kotetsu dancing to Monstar

I love the flashing light effects and Kotetsu’s got smooth moves xD

Barnaby dancing to Telephone

Left the best for the last! The animation sequence is so smooth and High Quality it’s hard not to be amazed *_*


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