COSPLAY: The Series , Interview with Agnesya, Annisa & Anya

In line with the release of COSPLAY: The Series Season 2, The Cosplay Chronicles and CTS will be bringing you guys a set of exclusive interview with the cast from CTS2. First up is the actress for Agnesya, Annisa and Anya ! Also look out for cameo involvement from Bonni Rambatan (CTS Producer) who felt the need to help the kawaii actresses elaborate!




TCC: How did you get the role and what was your first reaction/thought?

agnesya PCI: I was told by friends about this project, so I tried out for casting. I don’t really know how to act, but I thought, why not?

BR: I remembered how Putri was so dedicated from the start—she even put on the lolita outfit during casting. I knew I had the right Agnesya right then and there. Apparently fans agreed, so here we have the most loved character in the series according to Facebook and DA! *laughs*

annisa ZR: Oh my... To be honest it was unexpected! I didn’t know how to react!

BR: *laughs* I needed a typical shoujo protagonist for the story, who is mature but naive at the same time, preferably tall, pretty, and popular, but doesn’t act it. I took one look at Zie’s Facebook photos and I was like, “This is our lead actress!” That, and of course the fact that Zie and Kazu (Ocha) is one of the most popular cosplayers around.

anya FA: Actually I was originally a crew helping out the whole process, but then we couldn’t find anyone suitable to be Anya in the casting. But then Bonni asked me, “Why don’t you try out the role? I believe you can do it better than anyone we have at this moment. But if you don’t want to I can just write her out of the script.” I agreed because I do think Anya is similar to myself on a level; she likes cats and clouds,while I like cats, dogs, and bishounen boys. *laughs*

TCC: Did you have to sacrifice anything (school, homework, club activities, work, partners, family, etc) to take part in this series?

PCI: Nope!

ZR: Of course my college classes, but fortunately I can still manage my time a little bit.

FA: Not really... But you know what, at first my parents was against me taking part in the series. Every day when I come home from filming, my parents would scold me. But now after they’ve watched the series, they support me more! Not only my involvement in it, but also my cosplay hobby in general! Yaaayyy!! *laughs* You know what, I really relate to Agnesya’s story, I got really excited when Bonni wrote that.

BR: I get inspirations for the stories from many of our own cast members, and I suppose that is why so many cosplayers can relate to them. I must say that Fuuji’s real life story did help shape Agnesya’s in a way.

TCC: How was the whole filming process like? Describe with details :D!

PCI: I was so nervous at first and I kept forgetting my lines! But we still managed to sail smoothly.

ZR: It was awesome! I get to run around much. *laughs* You know, during the filming process I was actually sick, so I didn’t get to enjoy as much of it as I could probably have.

BR: Yes, she was sick! Most of us were, but everybody was so committed. It was touching to say the least, especially for me who get to order everyone around. In the end it all paid off.

FA: Oh my! The first thing that comes to mind was that it was really fun!! Bonni gave us the script and he let everyone chip in their thoughts and revise it together to make sure we were all comfortable with it. We also only had one week of filming so we had to come very early and come back home very late at night every day. It was tiring but it was really fun with everyone in the series.

TCC: How was it like working with Bonni Rambatan/ Producer and the entire crew?

PCI: It was really awesome!!! He helped us understand various emotions of the characters and the little facial expressions that go with them. We were all friends, too, so it was very fun, there were tons of jokes thrown around with the entire crew and everyone was just really awesome!

ZR: It was exciting! Maybe because we’ve never known each other before it was a little awkward in the beginning, but as time progresses everybody becomes a family.

FA: Oh my! The first thing that comes to mind was that it was really fun!! Bonni gave us the script and he let everyone chip in their thoughts and revise it together to make sure we were all comfortable with it. We also only had one week of filming so we had to come very early and come back home very late at night every day. It was tiring but it was really fun with everyone in the series.

TCC: Which Anime/Manga/Game character would you date and why?

PCI: Hmm... I think it would be Alois Trancy from Black Butler! Because he’s soooo cute!! *blushes*




ZR: Athrun Zala from the anime Gundam SEED. I like bad boys with a warm side... *blushes*







FA: I like uke characters. Maybe it’s just in my nature as a fujoushi, but I really like their blushing red faces! *laughs* Characters like Misaki from Junjou Romantica, Tiger from Tiger and Bunny, Luke from Tales of the Abyss, and many more, I really can’t choose! *laughs*




TCC to Agnesya: If you could change your uniform in the series, how would you change it to?

PCI: I’d actually like it to be simpler, but with more colors, though not too much. Colors would make the uniform more alive.

TCC to Annisa: Would you brand Annisa as a ‘typical shoujo protagonist’? Do you think Annisa would get her prayers answered and find herself someone (boyfriend) in Season 2?

ZR: Oh yes, very much!! The naive type I think... Um, I really do wish Annisa gets someone important in the next season, but as this isn’t a shoujo manga about how Annisa gets a boyfriend and stuff, I think Annisa will have to be a bit patient! *laughs*

TCC to Anya: Why do you think Anya keeps to her own bubble so much? Would season 2 have her story?

FA: I think there must be some old experience that lead Anya to be the way she is, and yes, you will see her story in Season 2! *smiles* Just like how I choose to become a cosplayer, and didn’t choose to be a normal person to start with! *laughs*

TCC: Tell us something about yourself that is totally different from your character!

PCI: Let’s see... Agnesya is more childish and sweet, while I’m much more on the shy side. I also do various cosplays, not just lolita

ZR: I actually think my real character is pretty much similar to Annisa’s, even though some people tend to say I have more of a tsundere side! *blushes*

FA: I’m a fujoushi! *laughs* My friends said that I’m a hardcore fujoushi when it comes to topics like yaoi, uke, and seme. And I’m a fanfic author too at, and I only have yaoi fanfics in there.

TCC: How far do you think Cosplay: The Series would go?

PCI: I think it will keep going pretty far without a lot of trouble!

ZR: As far as we are willing to keep learning!

FA: It will go very far as long as we have viewers and supporters!

TCC: Does the series have any affect on your life?

PCI: Yes.

ZR: It really increased my knowledge of acting and filmmaking! I’m happy about it.

FA: Yes! The series made my parents support my cosplay hobby more as I’ve told you earlier. Although they still get angry if I spend money on costumes instead of saving them! *laughs*

TCC: What kind of future do you foresee for the hobby ‘Cosplay’?

PCI: It will be more known around the world, and more people will give it a go.

ZR: There will be more skillful cosplayers in the future, of course!

FA: Cosplay will be more accepted internationally, not seen as freaky or strange anymore. It can really unite people, not for fame or money but simply to get more creative and find new friends. Parents will also see that cosplay is not useless; that’s somewhat of a personal goal for me.


Much thanks to the 3 ladies for taking time out from their busy schedule to do this interview with me! I hope you guys enjoyed it because more of it will be coming soon!

In the mean time, make sure you don’t miss the broadcast of CTS Season 2 by subscribing to their channel and liking their Facebook Page!



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