Cosplay: The Series (S2, Episode 11 review)

Episode 11 comes back with the introduction of a cute and highly mysterious green haired character named Panda.
The story begins with the leaving of headmistress Katrina and her encouraging Sukma and Vincent to put aside their differences.

The scene then cuts to Ocha and Enka casually asking the outlandishly green haired Panda how she got transferred into the school. And all the answers they got just adds on to more mystery! Their conversation is cut short when the school is suddenly invaded by the walking dead! And before you know it, our Q-Cosushinkai members have all henshin-ed into
'High School of the Dead'  characters and is stuck in a zombie attack.

Once again, my favourite actor, Sukma jumps into the scene and hits the first shot. The CGI effect in this scene was fabulously done with a combination of dramatic Slow-Mo and gushing blood. Got to love how cool they made them look. My only tinnnnnnnnnny nitpick would be the slight choreography error that Annisa and Enka were obviously hitting bare air. I’m anal, I know. But hey, they still looked cool no?

Episode 11 has got to be the most 'Eeh!?' episode by far. With the sudden introduction of zombies and blood gushing scenes that makes one scratch their head in disbelief. My jaws dropped even further when a very suspiciously masked Headmaster was introduced at the end while the teacher acted like a zombie attack was just another day at school.

I guess this episode is paving way for a big twist in both the storyline and story telling method. I’m thinking Gintama, what do you think? Do you like the new style? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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