AFA 2011 ( Regional & Singles Cosplay Competition)

Near 3 days after the end of the Anime Festival Asia’s Regional Cosplay Championship, here’s a post with performance video of the RCC and Singles category.

Much thanks to the respective video owners who took the effort to film and upload these wonderful videos for all to share!The 5 videos for the Regional Cosplay Championship is embedded into a playlist. Watch it below!

Uploaded by aksuperdance

Check out his photo album of AFA here!


Uploaded by kailitang65


kirin said…
I was watching the RCC with my sis last sunday it was awesome XD The cosplays were magnificent and I loved how the costume of the Filipino cosplayer letup and their twist ending :)))
~+~ Chai ~+~ said…
Go Team Philippines! Go Team March Omega! :)

Hope to see you again some other time!
kirin said…
Sry i mean setup >.<

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