Top reasons why I don’t cosplay at events

Been wanting to talk about this for a while but never got around to it. And I didn't even realise it until someone left me a message on Deviantart asking me Do you go to local events?”. Was really taken aback by that question since I always try to cover as many events as I can.

Then I realise, it's not my participation but my cosplaying at the event! Yes, without my conscious knowing, I've stopped cosplaying at events save a few big ones for very long. And It's especially true this year as I had to miss Cosfest for some personal matters.

After such a long prequel, what I want to talk about, really, is why I've stopped cosplaying at events. To set the record straight, I'm not consciously doing it !

1. Lack of space for changing & makeup

Not sure about you but I personally don't enjoy squeezing with 30 other random girl in a single toilet. Lack of changing area for cosplayers is not a new problem here but it's one I never seem to get over. my last experience at SOY'C was horrifying. The toilet was badly ventilated and I felt like I was steaming inside, literally.


And when I went for the event that was screening May'n the Movie. I had to share a single disabled cubicle with 3 other friends. Not fun.

2. Lack of baggage storage
Again, another old problem. Cosplayers with our big costumes and props very obviously have a lot of baggages.

This is what I brought when I cosplayed Haruhi at STGCC. I find it hard to comprehend why a simple school girl cosplay have so much baggage to lug along. But the fact remains that I do have and usually when I cosplay, I have no choice but to leave it aside.Singapore’s well known for her safe environment but I still don’t think leaving your valuables lying around is wise.328064_241324285909605_213974638644570_642524_1014646_o
3. Too much random passerbys
You probably think I'm saying this because I usually cosplay girls and I'm afraid of pervy males. Partly true. But the bigger issue is the sardine pack lack of space! Not only does that gives you lesser walking space, it also gives you lesser photography area. Meaning to say all your event photos have sh*tloads of people behind.


And because so much non Animanga/game attendees are participating in the event, the event becomes less appealing to me. Because I know I'll be exposed to a lot of random people who don't understand, don't appreciate and possibly even condescend this hobby.

I feel like I'm exposing myself to possibly unhappy situations (overhearing their distasteful comments etc.) and I subconsciously try to avoid that .

4. Random Pervy males
Because it's annoying and scary. Thankfully for me, I don't have much sexual appeal so I don't get as much unwanted attention. But I've heard way too many scary experience from fellow cosplayers to take things lightly.

    One of the comments from my previous entry speaks of how many random Event attendees like to touch the cosplayer's when they take a photo together. Have this happened to any of you before?


    Pervy Sage by ~Minato-117 (obviously this guys is a cosplayer himself and not a random pervy passer-by lols. But he did a really good pervy look no XD? No insults to him hokay! )

    Personally, the really annoying notion is the understanding that they are there not for Animanga but for the babes. And I feel frustrated to be 'feeding' that demand.


    5. I can't cover the event

    As you guys know, I run this blog (duh) and I cover events to share with you guys. I learnt the hard way that if you want to cosplay, your ability to cover and enjoy the event will be highly compromised.

    Firstly you'll have to either lug your belongings along as you snake the crowd or you have no choice but to leave it lying around and pray it doesn't get stolen. 331213_2284762931902_1633743014_32291624_831208429_o

    Secondly, when you're in costume, more often than not your mobility is restricted. It will be a challenge to even reach the end of the alley much less cover the event. If you're wearing a huge costume with big parts jutting out then it's wiser to just stay in one corner.

    I don't usually wear bulky costumes hence I have one less worry. But what I do encounter is getting stopped for pictures so much that reaching the end of the alley without delay is impossible. (disclaimer: I am in no ways implying I am popular. I'm not)

    I really try my best to be nice and accommodate every request I get because I like to believe they are fans of the series too. But the scary thing that happens next is the photographer's wall that builds up simply because everyone likes free stuff! Not because they like your series or think your cosplay is good, but because they happened to be there with a camera so why not snap this willing subject since she/he is already posing?

    And before you know it, 5 minutes, gone.


    6. Photographs ? What photographs?

    Not only do I spend a substantial amount of time posing for other people's camera, I also have to deal with the fact that I'm probably never going to see 98% of them, ever!

    And that’s on top of the worry that someone’s gonna snap an awful picture of me to point fingers and judge critically with their friends.

    I'm not exactly the most comfortable in front of a camera and it takes perking myself up to work the camera. After all the work of rushing your costume, doing your makeup and putting in effort to posing in front of the camera, you'd definitely want to see the results right?

    I'm not trying to be mean or bitchy and I can sugar coat my words if I want. But the fact remains that, all my hard work is reduced to mere event entertainment. Free Mascot and crowd pleaser.





    7. Commercialism

    In the past, when the local Cosplay & Animanga community was budding, this arrangement seemed fine with most of us. We didn't mind paying to attend the events and having our pictures taken by random person because we cherished the little chance we get to mingle with like minded fans. And most of us don't own a camera anyway, so it was our only way of getting a photo memory back.

    But now, I personally feel less enthusiastic about it because I know for a fact that commercial entities are using Cosplayers as a selling point.

    Hey, I'm all for commercialism , Commercialism IS essential for growth.

    But what I detest is blatant exploitation and poor treatment. I'm not dropping names or blaming any organisation because the fact is, it's a dog eat dog world out there. It's only politically correct for a businessman to think business so I don't feel I have the right to judge that. The only thing I can do is not involve myself in it if I don’t feel up to it.


    I'm not saying it's bad to cosplay at an event and neither am I'm implying that all event organisers are the big bad wolf. There are many well organised events that make paying for it worthwhile and of course, taking part in an event is like joining a Matsuri/Festival. It's for the fun and getting together and all the memory weaving!

    Zakuro (62) Random photo is random Open-mouthed smile

    What I'm doing is just listing out my honest opinion on the Cons of cosplaying in a public place and encouraging cosplayers to rationalise and possibly, set their own expectations right before getting disappointed. Hopefully, some event organisers will also chance upon this entry and have an insight into what the event attendees want.

    And ironically, I’ll be cosplaying both days at AFA 2011. See you guy there!

    Not promoting Cosplayer pacifying BTW =)


    xAoiSora said…
    Well if one like myself is not pro enough to simply arrange a photoshoot with a photographer and a bunch of friends, there isn't much choice on where we can cosplay save for events :]
    Unknown said…
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    Darkonlore said…
    I think I was worse off. I used to have a hard time convincing myself to go for conventions.

    I wasn't a cosplayer, I didn't have a soft spot for cute merchandise, not an artist, no booth, didn't know anybody and was older than everybody else. All I had to keep me going was because they are gatherings for anime fans.

    Only recently I realised I have to look for the fun things myself and try to ignore the annoyances like what you mentioned.

    As such, this AFA, one of the things I'll be doing is to hunt, shoot and frame a nun, though not necessary in that order ... XD
    Kira said…
    Great article Kaika, I can certainly understand and share the same thought as you are even if I'm not a cosplayer lol.

    "But the bigger issue is the sardine pack lack of space! Not only does that gives you lesser walking space, it also gives you lesser photography area. Meaning to say all your event photos have sh*tloads of people behind."

    One thing organizers especially here in the Philippines(Wherein 70% of the crowd or higher are in for photos) don't realize is that photography area/spots are essential and is a must on a convention. Now that it's becoming a main stream, we got truck loads of people during a convention thus giving both the photographers and cosplayers who wants to be photographed a hard time taking decent photos, PLUS(this is what I truly dislike) they got certain spots or should I say 90% of the decent and less crowded area are prohibited for photoshoots , security guards will fend us off lol. I understand that most con-goers should be inside the hall(though we're all paying for the entrance fees and stuff) or watching the program, but the halls they chose to hold conventions got horrific lighting.

    As for number 6. that's because most of the time, only 10% to 20 of the photographers attending cons are the ones uploading photos online and the rest and random photographers who are just there looking for something different to shoot for a change, though you can't really blame them for that nor I'm trying to. That's why everytime I upload photos I ask ppl to help me tag the cosplayers in my pictures.

    I enjoyed your article :D (sorry for the typos, I just woke up and getting back working on my photos lol)
    Hexlord said…
    Ah, I can somewhat relate to your point about cosplayers not getting their photos after being hit with walls and walls of photogs...
    Sese said…
    Omg I can totally relate to this. I've decided to retire in cosplaying in conventions here in Manila. Except for the big ones like Cosplaymania BECAUSE of

    1. TOO MUCH CROWD. No good place to shoot
    2. Stupid Security Mall Guards shooing us away

    Riko said…

    I totally AGREE with u....In Malaysia, it's the same story...

    First is the lack of proper place to change, which is why if I attend any Msian events I would worn my full cosplay regalia with makeup and wig from home and go straight to the event...Why?

    Cuz I know I wont have access to a decent mirror in the toilet cuz so many other cosplayers will be using it (not to mention some incomsiderate ones who hog it @__@)

    Second, the lack of proper storage places. The only convention I remember having proper storage facilities was GACC...Most of the events i go to only provide storage to cosplayers IF the cosplayer joins the cosplay competition. Since I had oleid stopped joining such competitions, so no storage facilities for me :(

    For the random pervy males issue, well, I dun haf any sexual appeal, so I guess it's a good thing in one way? LOL
    Noshuu said…
    I agree with all the points!
    Deathy said…
    I totally agrees with you. As a photographer I try to (or used to) go to events mainly to know and talk to new cosplayers and snap some photos and eventually try to arrange a private photoshoot, but lately the events here are so packed with people and there's literally NO SPACE for photos that it makes me unwilling to go to meet my friends and stuff.

    Somewhat I'm glad to see that this doesn't happen only here in Brazil but makes me sad to know that it's probably a problem with most cosplay events.
    Feb Store said…
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    plumoon said…
    this is funny cause i have the same issues...i totally agree with you when you talk about the photographers. I did two costumes and oi spent 1 hour with a photographer and i NEVER saw those pics. NEVER. so i understand you...

    About the space for make up and dress..her in Brazil some conventions dont have the WATER, MIRROR? damn it. I have to fly to other States to get a little more of space to prepare myself. Thats so WRONG. But no one will do a thing about it.. so i just gave up on showing. =/ sometimes when my friends wants to do a group i try to forget this things and i go...

    I think some conventions should be more organized, cause we cosplayers spent a lot of money, time, and we work hard to do a best costume that we can!

    btw i LOVE your WORK, and your photos are awesome!!!
    Yellow Doodler said…
    IKR?!! It's totally annoying at the photography parts! There were people tapping my shoulders for pictures, but i seriously never got a chance to see it. There goes my hard work with the costume =((

    for the space issues, i agree 100%. That's why i don't usually where something too epic or fancy in events. there's a lot consequences waiting for you apparently. I know it wouldn't be much fun wearing something simple or plain in events, but hey, it'll save you from getting sore in the morning =)
    anyhow, i usually avoid from stuffing myself in toilets full of cosplayers.

    anyway, very nice log here! i love it~<3
    dearttolife said…
    This totally sums up how I feel about cosplaying at events that are not made for cosplayers and anime/manga-goers, but for commercial purposes. Those events always clash with some other events in the neighbouring hall, increasing the number of random passer-bys who don't give a damn about anime/manga but still join in the crowd for the sake of it. That alone, is bad but not as bad when they join in YET throw ugly comments on us.

    That's why till now, I have never attended AFA because I think it's too commercialised for our own good plus it always end up with some other big conventions. The organisers are big, they should have better planning but they probably don't bother.

    Also, the whole sharing-toilet-with-many-strangers thing... I feel you. That's why I make it a habit to drag myself out of bed at a really early time to head down to get to use the entire toilet to myself :X Because people here have no decency of keeping toilets clean too, and I hate dirty places, so I can't tahan sharing toilets and on top of that, a dirty toilet.

    I hope I'll get to see you again some day at a convention! :D
    pohcbSonic said…
    I totally agreed with you and dearttolife for that.

    In big events like this, when u want to photograph a cosplayer,
    either you are in front of walls and walls of photogs, or the others blocked your view, which is quite annoying sometimes.

    Now, I began to understand abit further and better.

    Even though I'm still going for AFA this weekend, which I forsee, never-ending crowd...

    catch ya on the flip side @ AFA if possible.
    Kai kuchiki said…
    I'm living in the Philippines and also have the same issues..I first cosplayed in a mini event in our province, although we had enough space for storage and dressing, I also encountered those random pervy males, one put his hand on my shoulder(we're not even aquaintances!>.<) when he asked for a pic with me..(sorry for the wrong grammar..>.>)

    As for the event's in Manila, I'm a bit discouraged to cosplay there because of the same issue that you have.>.>
    Holly Ann said…
    I totally get what you mean about being able to cover the event. Last year I thought I covered my local con with my friends pretty badly, but that was way better compared to this event since last year I had a friend that was in charge of the camera the entire time. This year I attempted it myself and every time I got stopped for a picture I had to hand the camera off to one of my friends. By the end of the first day I just STOPPED TRYING.

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