Cosplay: The Series (S2, Episode 16 review)

Uploaded by cosplaytheseries on Dec 7, 2011

With the power of the Legendary Treasure at their disposal, our heroes have little trouble defeating the numerous demon armies sent by The Alliance of Evil. But the Alliance have made a backup plan, and unleashes their secret weapon just as the group is already at their weakest...

This has got to be the cutest episode by far. Not only have the production team managed to come up with something that fits the Cosplay theme, it has also managed to incorporate light hearted humour into an otherwise stern context. The abundant reference to Geek/Otaku culture also brings a smile on fellow Otakus (*coughmecough*) .

As always, the graphics and post production displays a high standard of quality deliverance. I especially love the camera angles employed in this episode as it brings the viewers right into the scene.

I’d have to admit the death scene took me back by surprise . I wasn’t quite expecting life and death issue to pop up when one talks about a teeny hobby such as ‘Cosplay’. The idea of anyone losing themselves in pursue of another identity (Cosplay) sends a shiver down my spine. Good kids out there, remember this is just a show! We don’t kill people when we cosplay hokays >D?

Am I the only scaredy cat here? Share with me your comments about this episode!

I can’t believe I actually forgot about sharing exclusive Behind-The-Scene pictures with you guys! Check them out below!



The crew filming the final scene.


A insight into how the lights were set up in the death scene! The wig of the cosplayers look nice from here Open-mouthed smile

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