The effects of different Fake Lashes

To me, Fake lashes is one of the most important accessories for cosplays. The instantly dramatic effect it gives is God sent for people with small eyes like me.

Fake lashes appear similar but is are not quite so. When different lashes are used differently, it can create a very different effect. The use of different lashes can either make your eyes look round and innocent or long and seductive. Kind of like the final touch to your cosplays.

When I bought D.U:P lashes from Japan, they gave me a booklet with pictures of their lashes and the effect it produces.

I thought it was a cool way to see the difference different lashes produce so I took some pictures of them to share. And no,  I don’t think it’s necessary for you to get the same brand of lashes just use the catalogue as a reference to the effect different type of lashes can create.

Scroll down to see them!




Personally I’ve always preferred the ‘Rich’ and ‘Cross’ type of lashes. But the ‘Furry’ type looks really interesting too, I wonder if anyone knows where I can get them cheap Open-mouthed smile

What’s your favourite lashes xD? Share with me!


Sese said…
They're quite expensive and I think you saw me spazz over them lol. DOLLYWINK!!!
pandayuyu said…
Well me It's the Dolly Wink ones for sure :D ♥ !!! but since they are still quite expensive, I'd say it'd be a really good choice to go with Diamond Eye lashes as well ;D ! They are way cheaper than Dolly Winks (they costed me 1000 yen in Japan), okay are less comfortable, but you have more choice and each box comes with 5 pairs so you can go a veeeeeeeery long time with those :3 ♥ !!!
Other than that, I heard very good reviews about the Eyemazing lashes :) ! but from what I've seen those are even more expensive than the Dolly Wink ones ^^'
caillen said…
This was really educational! Thank you for the entry <3

I usually just use Shu Uemura ones ;o; Because I never seem to know where to buy these things!!!

Wish I knew where the cheap ones are too!!!!
I love dolly wink's lower lashes and find them unrivaled by far xD

But my personal top lashes favs are from Thfaceshop and Daiso. Both for the price and effect. But they are not as comfy as dollywink haha
Mogu said…
Very informative!! <3 ty for the much appreciated effort! takes time to do scaning and such ><;

cross/rich lashes FTW~

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