E.O.Y 2011 (Photo Pimps)

The annual EOY (End of the Year) Cosplay event ended yesterday, celebrating it’s 13th Birthday. (I find it hard to understand why it’s celebrating it’s 13th birthday when, as far as I know, “EOY” existed only from 2006/2007 while the new organiser only took over in 2009 o.o;;; )

Anyway, I know everyone must be excited to see their own pictures hence I rushed my ass off to process them  Open-mouthed smile. Enjoy! Event coverage to come soon, I hope ^^;

Don’t forget to leave a comment and thank me for stalking these cosplayers for you guys XDXD *gets bashed*



saku said…
Hi Kaika!
Thank you for all the pictures!! <3
This is saku-chan, the purple creepy one in #7544 and 7546 (grabbing these two). We meet again after TGX (not sure if you remember)

I may be wrong, but do you watch Inazuma Eleven (Go?)? ((Why do I have a feeling you know the series? xD

Anyways, thanks once again for the pics! And MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!
Tenjo Zakito said…
Kaikaaaaaa~~~ I'm the Shizuo LOL Thank you so much for the photo > <
I was too excited to see you that I forgot to tell you that I not only love your blog, I also love your cosplays 8'D
Esther said…

Thanks for the photos! This is EOY's cosplay ambassador Esther (cosplaying as Mirai Suenaga that day).

Didn't manage to do a good job on my cosplay but I enjoyed EOY. It was a pretty small event but I hope you enjoyed your time taking pictures of other awesome cosplays! ;)
Xero said…
Hello, Kaika!

This is Yukio from #7528 and #7531. My Rin and I thank you for our pictures! \o/ We were really glad that you approached us for them. c:

Hope to see you at other events! :D
Mizurei said…

Tachibana (samurai warriors) here. Thanks for the lovely pics 8D I didn't get to say this, but I actually know you, read your blog and love your cosplays and tutorials. Me was actually going "zomg Kaika is molesting my armour *w*" kahahha~~ Hope to see in in future events!

Janis said…
Hey! Thanks for the photos, although I wasn't in there. Fyi, I was cosplaying as Kirakishou from Rozen Maiden. I heard from my friends that they saw Barasuishuo and I was really disappointed that I could not find her. However, I found her, thanks to your picturess~~~ Thank you once again^^
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the Skip Beat photos! Hoho! I thought I saw kaika but I wasn't sure so didn't dare to ask xD
Sese said…
Looks like a lots of fun 8Db
Tim Wong said…
Hope you managed to enjoy the event and thanks for the many awesome pictures!

It's Tim, the producer of EOY. Just in case you're wondering, though EOY was under STAC back many years ago, prior to the STAC it was organized by MAC, and EOY was first known as "Cosplay 1999" back when it was first started... and hence, it's 13th year in 2011.

See you next year!

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