Cosplay Photo of the day: Final Fantasy

It’s been ages since I did a Cosplay Photo feature post so I’m back with it! And here’s finally a Final Fantasy (lousy pun xD) dedicated entry!

The Warrior by *epi-corner

The Armour *_* And the way the photographer captured the cosplayer with the sunset feels so zen yet intense. Like something is brewing…

Warrior Of Light by *KiraHokuten

Eye Of The Storm by *vampiric-angel

FFXII - Skypirate - by ~Yamane


warrior of light Dissidia FF by ~okageo


Tidus by ~kenjiko

Champ by ~kenjiko

Oops, last Warrior of Light photo I promise ;D

Final Fantasy by *Katy-Angel

I’d love for her wig to look more choppy and less feminine but overall, the colour edit, pose and architectures makes it worthy of a feature. The cosplayer did a great job with her costume too Winking smile

Final Fantasy XIII - Cosplay by *KashinoRei


Protection by ~DeviousTofu

I’ve never been a fan of Garnet but this peaceful picture just draws me in…

Lightning and Serah Strikes by *Yuuri-K-sama

Kyaaaa this lightning cosplayer is so beautiful! Both their costume and props look impeccable and it’s definitely a mega plus that they actually look like sisters too (Serah & Lightning are blood sisters) ! Yes, the cosplayers are siblings in RL too =)

Beware... by ~Kawaii-Kioko


Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and feel as inspired as I have! Honestly I find it so amazing that a hobby so frowned upon by mainstream elitist can actually have the ability to inspire and motivate someone else half way across the globe.

While I admit, looking at these awesome Cosplayers and Cosplay photographs makes me bite my tongue in envy and lowers my self-esteem. I’m also thankful and is full of admiration for these people for pushing the boundaries of Cosplay and showing other people, just how far Cosplay can go.

It’s not just about wearing a cheap halloween wig and calling it a day. It’s about the dedication to details and the perseverance to overcome all those costume obstacle! While it is very dreamy and Child-Like in it’s rawest form, I don’t see how being serious, determined and hardworking can be labelled “Immature”.

405475_267773116622808_212812675452186_677041_1891569366_n[1] Thanks to Melvin Thunderthighs for sharing this !

Yes, I do think our society is very ‘sick’ and I’ll leave it at that =\

Wrapping this entry up, If your photos are here and you don’t like it, please leave me a comment and I’ll take it down =) Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Caroline said…
Wow, you gotta admire their dedication. I really love the one with Lightning (Final Fantasy) and The Warrior one :)
These are incredible photos. They make me want to work harder on organising photoshoots. I have about 3 costumes sitting in my wardrobe that I have almost no photos of
Sese said…
wooo they all so epic!!

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