Cosplay: The Series (S2, Episode 17 review)

Uploaded by cosplaytheseries on Dec 14, 2011

It was not only the Alliance who has the capability for tactical backups. A quartet of secret revolutionary soldiers came to The Organization's aid and battles The Prototype, the Alliance's secret weapon. However, they may very well be underestimating their enemy, as the time-manipulating cyborg easily defeats them with moves The Syndicate is very familiar with...

My first impression? I love the dynamic camera angles employed in this episode! Not only do they bring a touch of design to the cinematography, they also helped emphasised the actions.

Speaking of actions, I'm sure everyone would agree with me that the lovable N.E.W.S (lol. Pun intended) has some very slick parkour moves! Even though the prelude with the N.E.W.S team jumping around was too long and doesn't contribute to the story, it was at least, a very enjoyable 2 minutes. The slow-mo shot at the beginning was also very memorable.

But the battle with The Prototype (Bonni alert?!) had me craving for more and feeling somewhat disappointed that the fight was so hastily presented. I'm also sorry to say that the voice-over in this episode had my eyebrows twitching uncontrollably. Yes, I blame the Japanese seiyuus for spoiling me with their delicious voice but I would love for more emotions and urgency to be displayed by the N.E.W.S.

Post production and special effects were as usual, seamless. And the final plus point, Vincent looked really convincing and good in the final scene. Cheers for eye candy!

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