Cosplay: The Series (S2, Episode 18 review)

“Albeit critically, The Organization managed to thwart the looming evil and survive for another day. Internal conflicts abound in the shaken Organization, and Q-Cosushinkai kids decide they have had enough and finally return to their normal lives. Nobody is sure what to expect of their futures, but for now, peace is finally with them once again... ”

The concluding episode to 2 continuous season of story; episode 18 is an episode that starts off lukewarm, trails off with nostalgia and delivers a hook at the end.

The episode begins with Rain ( Mdm Kartini) and Cloud standing on what seemed like a balcony , against a beautifully manipulated skyline. The conversation between the duo gives the audience a quick recap and explanation of what transpired in the past 17 episode and why the characters did what they did.

The scene then cuts to Annisa and Ocha chilling on the open grass. Suddenly seeming so far away from the struggles of the previous episodes.

Again, I don't want to spoil your fun by writing out the script. But as it appears, the battle has not only saved the world temporarily. It has also matured the Q-Cosushinkai members who started off as innocent hobbyist and ended up as unwilling warriors. This segment of the story had me nodding my head in realistic agreement, that yes, nobody would believe their tale.

The conclusion to the battle between The Organisation and Alliance of Evil seemed a little slip shod to me and I would have loved for an extra episode or two to be used to wrap the battle up. But I guess, maybe this was a deliberate style of storytelling?

Overall, it is a nostalgic episode that closes the story by answering some questions while starting others. And while there are gaps in the delivery, it is in certain perspective, a reasonable and nice ending.

The BGM used in this episode supports the nostalgic mood very appropriately and to a certain extend, leaves the deepest impression on me. So kudos to the sound engineers for their effort!

If you haven't watched the series yet, please pop over to COSPLAY: The Series' Website and run through the 18 episodes. It is definitely worthy of your 2 hours, especially if you are a cosplayer too!

Also subscribe to them on YouTube and like their Facebook page to be updated with their latest development! Let's all cheer for an encore of season 3 xD!


Anonymous said…
encoreeeee XD
I can't wait for the story of season 3
Fuuji said…
oh.. I think Annisa who is with Ocha, not Anya XD

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