Otome Yokai Zakuro (Photoshoot)

Hi guys, I’m here to share with you guys some of my Otome Yokai Zakuro photo shoot pictures. I had a mini photoshoot session with Sour_Cheese nearly 6 months ago and goodness knows what took me so long to come up with this entry @_@;

It was a hot afternoon as per Singapore climate. Much thanks again to the very wonderful Sour_Cheese for her photography and patience >w< Because I didn’t have any helper for the shoot, I don't have any Behind-the-scene photos to share ^^;

Zakuro (1)

Zakuro (2)Zakuro (3) edit

I love how Sour_Cheese captured the sun rays here! It so adds to the lazy afternoon mood Open-mouthed smile

Zakuro (4)Zakuro (6)

Zakuro (56)

Otome Yokai Zakuro’s all about the Sakuras. So I lugged a bunch of plastic Peach Blossoms to the shoot. Was glad we managed to use it Open-mouthed smile

Zakuro (59)Zakuro (46)-1

Act doe/cute/mysterious ! *inserts pukage* XDDD

Zakuro (12)Zakuro (13)Zakuro (14) edit

Can anyone spot the little bird xD?

Zakuro (15) editZakuro (19) edit smallZakuro (16)editsmall

Zakuro (23) editZakuro (24)Zakuro (38)Zakuro (25) edit small

Finally an action shot! Being a half Fox Spirit, Zakuro’s a very powerful and agile fighter. Sadly, the costume inhibits drastic actions and this was the best I could do >.< Maybe in the future, I can do something better! I look so manly yeah Open-mouthed smile?

We tried to do some act-doe shot with the bamboos but the bamboos were sinister!

Zakuro (61)

They prick! See the little hooks on my fingers? Erm, ignore the retarded looking face behind =_=.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. Apologies for talking so little,I really don’t know what to say =(. Remember to leave  a comment and share your thoughts if any ^_^!


MuiMui said…
Lovely photos, the scenery is so beautiful ~ ^^
Quakey said…
Goodness. That is a very lovely place for a shoot!

Also can't puke 'cause you really are adorable in that cosplay. *u*
MayonakaSun said…
Really pretty photos!!
pohcbSonic said…
Good venue, cosings, what more can I say? *thumbs UP*
Kira Hokuten said…
Truly adorable and beautiful in that cosplay :D

I super like the photo (23)
Thanks for the comments guys! Credits to the Photographer :D

@kira: EH?! 23 ? that's surprising ^^;
SammEater said…
Amazing cosplay and nice work with the photos they are perfect. :D

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