Cosfest X.2 (Day 1, Cosplay Photo Pimps 1)

Day 1 of Cosfest X.2 features the audition round for Cure Cosplay Fashion Walk and many Anime Karaoke performances. The weather was merciless that day and I felt like I was melting in my costume (Otome Yokai Zakuro). So a big pat on the shoulders to all Cosplayers that day for braving the humidity!

Check out the photos I tediously edited below, remember to leave a comment if you liked them. Much thanks to all the cosplayers who graciously posed for me ^_^


Nariko said…
Thank you for the picture! I'm the Kagura featured in your album! Would it be okay to use the picture (with credits to you of course)? Also you were so cute in your cosplay! But was too hot / shy to get a photo of you .___.||
KYQ said…
Great shots, Kaika!
Nariko: Go ahead ^^

KYQ: Glad u liked it!

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