Shit Cosplayers Say

Inspired by the highly popular viral video “Sh*t Girls Say”, Singaporean Cosplayers Cvy, Kanasaiii and Golden-Feline have come together to do a Cosplayer version. And it’s taking the Cosplay community by storm because, we all know it’s true and we see too much of ourselves in this  xD

Uploaded by SprinkleThis on Feb 12, 2012

Please leave a comment to share your cosplayer experiences. Your lines might be used in our next episode! (If there is). 480p quality recommended, with annotations included. Thanks for watching!
Video inspired by "Shit Girls Say". All characters, names, items & content featured in this work are purely coincidental. This work nor any part of it may be used without written permission.

Golden-feline []
Kanasai* []
Cvy []
Special Thanks
Dillon Ko & Kaika []

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Ryuuzaki-chan said…
Hahaha so true!!! ;w; I already shared it on my fb xD and I will do it in my blog as well haha :P

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